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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Will You Be the Mentally Ill to be Background Checked?

Running background checks on those who have mental illnesses seems to a lot of the public as a no-brainer.  But I am here to warn all of you that a fast train is headed right toward you.  What would you think if before your doctor can prescribe you some Prozac for example, the question would be asked to your child, “Does your daddy have any guns in the house?  Sounds incredulous.  But hold on to your hat.

In a terrible confluence of historical events,
at the same time the public is demanding we go after the mentally ill, psychiatrists, colluding with the drug companies, broadened their definition of who is mentally ill.  It could include you.

In May they  will publish the new version of their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM V) used by the medical profession to assign the label of mental illness.    In the new DSM, “a mental disorder (mental illness) is a condition characterized by dysfunction in thought, mood or behaviors which cause distress.”

Blatantly and  self-servingly, psychiatrists colluded with the pharmaceutical companies to so broaden the definition of mental illness, that it threatens to scoop us all up in their net!  What a bonus to their incomes!

British psychiatrists were among the first to sound the alarm bell regarding the DSM 5.  They warned “…clients and the general public are negatively affected by the continued and continuous medicalization of their natural and normal responses to their experiences; responses which undoubtedly have distressing consequences which demand helping responses, but which do not reflect illnesses so much as normal individual variation.”

Below are just a few examples of alarms after seeing pre-publication versions of DSM 5.

    1) In DSM V, temper tantrums become a mental disorder.--Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder.
    2) Normal grief  becomes Major Depressive Disorder.
    3) Every day forgetting of old age Minor Neurocognitive Disorder.
    4) DSM 5 has created a slippery slope by introducing the concept of Behavioral Addictions          that eventually can spread to make a mental disorder of everything we like to do a lot.
    5) Worries of everyday life become Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Small changes in definition      can create millions of anxious new ‘patients’.

Bottom line.  If your physician plants a DSM V diagnosis on you, you are in the computer buddy!

So before we say we can live with background checks on the mentally ill, we need to know: “Who are we talking about?  Open letter to DSM 5 taskforce  Sad Day for Psychiatry


guy faulkes said...

Very good point, Blogger. How does one fight such a designation? Will a dissenting evaluation by another mental health professional help?

Wolf's Head said...

We are seeing the construction of a totalitarian society happening before our eyes.

Blogger said...

Guy, I really don't know the answer as we are moving into uncharted waters. Right now it would appear that we need to keep an eye on where the line is placed by the back checkers. Will the computers be storing the names of everyone who has a DSM diagnosis which then would include about everyone you and I know? Remember, any medical professional can put one of those diagnoses in your files. Or, will they only be recording the SMI's, (Seriously Mentally Ill--Schizophrenia and BiPolar? Keep in mind that the majority of people with Schizophrenia are among the gentlest people you know. The point of my article is that by calling everything mental illness, the psychiatrists have set us up for trouble when it comes to background checks and later going after people's guns.

Blogger said...

Wolf's Head I feel the same way. Background checks seem innocuous but names are going into computers.