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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Don't Try This In Boone.....

Boone, where carrying a BBGun got one youngster arrested for "brandishing" apparently is not bound by the second amendment which, according to this article by UNC Law Professor Jeff Welty allows "open carry".

Professor Welty includes a supreme court decision clarifying the right to open carry and the difference between open carry and concealed carry:

“The former is a sacred right, based upon the experience of the ages in order that the people may be accustomed to bear arms and ready to use them for the protection of their liberties or their country when occasion serves. The provision against carrying them concealed was to prevent assassinations or advantages taken by the lawless, i. e., against the abuse of the privilege.” 
Case closed. The right to carry firearms openly enjoys much greater protection than does the privilege of carrying a concealed weapon.
Funny that, nowadays, many more people carry concealed (we assume) than openly. Why is that? 

Welty is offering a webinar on gun laws and the Second Amendment March 20."

I can't, for the life of me, understand how local governments can prosecute for 'brandishment' when the offense is nothing more than possessing an unconcealed LEGAL firearm!

State Legislatures made great progress last session in assuring NC citizens the right to protect their homes and to limit local governments from restricting their rights to concealed carry.....This session they need to abolish these local "brandishment" laws insofar as they apply to open carry of legal weapons. And, they need to exempt lists of licenced gun owners from open records laws!


guy faulkes said...

An interesting video:>

guy faulkes said...

Thanks for the information on the webinar.

I believe the spam monster got the link I sent you on the video from different departments (one of which is Durham, N.C.)about what to do during the time between when you call the police and they get there I think this video was done by the man that exposed ACORN.

It is easier for me to repost than for you to have to look for it.

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Guy...I did find a post from you from last night in the spam folder. It's posted above.

I also found about 50 posts from
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guy faulkes said...

An example of those that would infringe on our rights: