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Thursday, March 14, 2013

HB 150 Would limit Boone's interference with homeowners choices....

Real Deals: Homebuilder bills would limit local control: 

"Through the adoption of extra inspections and arbitrary design and aesthetic guidelines, local governments have both overstepped their legal authority and added all sorts of delays and unnecessary costs to the construction process.
In an effort to rein in such overreach, legislators have introduced two bills this session that are making their way through the House and Senate. The bills are worth a closer look, in large part because they are the latest example of how the growth issues that dominated the conversation in the Triangle and elsewhere before the housing boom are resurfacing.

See article in N&O

HB150 would prevent municpalities from the kind of overreach Boone is attempting in their dictating to builders the number of bathrooms they are allowed to build in a unit, the limitation on the number of parking places and the size of master bedrooms etc. Unfortunately the current bill seems to only apply to single family homes.

Let's hope Representative Jonathan Jordan will be able to modify the bill to include multi-family apartments as well. Boone's overreach in attempting to dictate to the market what the local politicos decide is needed, instead of allowing  the free market to function, will do nothing but add to the costs of area rentals!

If a developer builds something the market doesn't want, he wont be in business long. If however, the Boone town council decides based on what they think the market needs, they pay no price for their failures - It's not REAL money, it's only TAX money!


NewGuy said...

From WRAL...

""Homeowners lose the ability and, quite frankly, their right to choose the design elements of their home as it fits their individual needs and desires," said Mark Zimmerman, legislative chairman of the North Carolina Association of Realtors.

The North Carolina Housing Coalition, a nonprofit that represents Habitat for Humanity and other groups working to expand affordable housing statewide, agreed with the builders that aesthetic controls lead to more expensive housing.

Rep. Jonathan Jordan, R-Ashe, said the bill boils down to the fact that local zoning authority is clearly spelled out in state law and that some cities are trying to stretch the rules.

"They can't add to our legislation," Jordan said. "We've been very clear about what they can do."

NewGuy said...

t is STILL likely that the sale of the Watauga HS property will fall thru as a result of Boone's arbitrary demands requiring what THEY think is the 'appropriate' kind of apartments that can be built in Boone. See article

This will, of course, cost Watauga taxpayers not only because they will have to continue to carry the property as a county asset and not draw any tax dollars from it....but also because of the loss of the jobs that this project would create in Watauga construction trades, building suppliers, etc.

Democrat BOC members Welch and Kennedy will likely continue to support Boone in their efforts to be everyone's nanny - but the 3 Republican members are in a position to re-allocate the sales tax revenue to somewhat level the playing field.

Let's hope they act soon. I believe April is the deadline for reallocating the sales tax!

guy faulkes said...

Mr. Jordan is an exemplary Representative. He ran on empowering the people, getting rid of government abuses, and limiting the size of government. He has kept his promises.

This bill and the bill that would insure sheriffs do not exceed their authority in the concealed handgun permitting process are prime examples.

Wolf's Head said...

Boone is run by little tin horn Facists who want to control everything in the town and conform it to their perverted views.

Property owner rights need to be upheld, and the market place will decide in the most efficient manner, barring government interference.