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Thursday, March 7, 2013

How Do We Understand Obama?

 Everything this president has done and is doing, appears not to be aimed at keeping us the exceptional nation we grew up with.  Quite the opposite.  People try to make sense out of his puzzling behavior.

•    Some believe it is his unpreparedness for such a complex job. 

•    Later the movie 2016 Obama’s America, came out with

      the explanation that he was really out to reek his African father’s  revenge on us for colonialism. 

•    Then we became more aware of his mentors and we begin to think that he actually does believe            that turning us into a  second rate European Socialist country is a good thing. 

Any or all of these explanations allowed us to make sense out of uncustomary behaviors for a president. 

Now, we have a new explanation:  Obama's Pelosi II Strategy  (Google it if you want more.) 


NewGuy said...

I don't doubt that winning back the US House is his prime objective! But, I think he will have a hard time doing it. He will have his hands full trying to retain a majority in the Senate!

NewGuy said...

With 21 Democrat seats up, and 14 Republican it may be pretty good odds for the GOP....and, when you figure some of those Dem seats are very vulnerable, things look even better.

I am betting Kay Hagan will lose in NC......Dem J.D.Rockefeller IV is retiring in WVA and WVA has moving more and more conservative! Al Franken is up for re-election and that will be a hard race for him to win.

All in all, I think Repubs have a decent chance of picking up 5 or 6 seats in the Senate. (although anything can happen - we never know when an apparently "strong" candidate will self destruct!

Nobody said...

My concern is that Obama will use the sequester to vilify Republicans which can be used in 2014. Have you heard the stories about the pain of the sequester already?!? Children not being allowed to tour the White House! Local Charlotte stations are running scary news stories about how the sequester will hurt NC. Meanwhile, Republicans offer a bill that would allow Obama more discretion in carrying out the whopping 2% (sarcasm intended) cut in spending --- and he threatens a VETO. He wants this to hurt so he can benefit from it with the help of media which will nightly run stories about people losing jobs because of mean Republicans. This guy has been underestimated for too long. He is definitely not a good leader, especially for this country (maybe for France), but he is a great politician. Sad thing is, he is perfectly willing to inflict lots of pain on the country to gain more political power.

Blogger said...

New Guy I think you are right. All the evidence as well as history, supports your position. At the same time, as a psychologist, figuring him out is important to me. I believe this Washington Post/Wall Street Journal article will help us understand why he will continue mostly shucking and jivin’ publicly while he works on his real agenda beneath the radar this next year and a half.

Nobody said...

From the WSJ:

The precise moment came Tuesday, when the administration announced that it was canceling public tours of the White House, blaming budget cuts. The Sequesterer in Chief has insisted that cutting even $44 billion from this fiscal year will cause agonizing pain—airport security snarls, uninspected meat, uneducated children. Since none of those things has come to pass, the White House decided it needed an immediate and high-profile way of making its point. Ergo, it would deny the nation's school kids a chance to view a symbol of America.

The act was designed to spark outrage against Republicans, yet the sheer pettiness of it instead provided a moment of clarity. Americans might not understand the technicalities of sequester, but this was something else entirely. Was the president actually claiming there was not a single other government item—not one—that could be cut instead of the White House tours? Really?

Enlarge Image

St. Paul's Lutheran School
Sixth-graders at St. Paul's Lutheran School in Waverly, Iowa.

The cancellations were an open invitation for the nation to dive into the gory depths of the federal budget—and re-emerge with a debate over waste and priorities. Over the past week, an entire cottage industry has sprung up of journalists, watchdog groups and average citizens reporting on the absurdities of federal spending. Republicans have lit up Twitter with examples of indefensible projects (#SequesterThis).

We've learned that the White House employs three calligraphers, who cumulatively earn $277,000 a year. The Environmental Protection Agency gave $141,000 to fund a Chinese study on swine manure. Part of a $325,000 National Science Foundation outlay went to building a robotic squirrel.

The government gave a $3,700 grant to build a miniature street in West Virginia—out of Legos. It shelled out $500,000 to support specialty shampoo products for cats and dogs. A San Diego outfit got $10,000 for trolley dancing. The feds last year held 894 conferences that each cost more than $100,000—$340 million altogether. But Mr. Obama is too broke to let American kids look around the White House.

NewGuy said...

The administration blew enough money on the Solyndra mess to fund White House tours for years! And, before we close down the peoples access to the house they pay for, shouldn't we at least consider elimination the 100K a year White House position in charge of Obamas DOG!

Pure political gamesmanship here! Obama wanted to make the sequester cuts as painful as possible for as many voters as possible; to make them visible and then to blame it all on Republicans. So far it hasn't worked. The pushback is against Obama - even the media is starting to challenge him on this issue!

Blogger said...

Obama's Army