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Friday, March 29, 2013


 Who do we appreciate?
 VENT PAGE LXVIII........!!!
 Yep...Vent Page 68! And you thought it wouldn't last! we are. And, It's cast in stone!

VENT PAGES are handy for posting of off-topic posts, rants, raves, rages, etc, which might not be appropriate on other threads where adults are having serious discussions. Childish rant? Need to call another poster a name? Just feel like spouting off?  Or even if you have something to say and there doesn't seem to be any other logical place to say it....THIS PAGE IS FOR YOU!

And, our choice for the Icon Auto for 68 is the 68 Mustang GT Fastback.

 Here's a couple of pics of me and my '68.....

OK...I lied, that's Steve McQueen and the '68 from Bullett....But at least the car looks like the one I had....except mine was a little lighter green and had the GT stripe on the side.


guy faulkes said...

Ms.Williamson forgot to mention that the Town of Boone's policies have killed growth so there may not be a need for as much water as projected.

Sarkazein said...

Paul Bedard
Washington Secrets
The Washington Examiner

For the first time since 1981, when it dubbed sex-change operations "experimental," Medicare has opened the door to covering transexual operations, adding to the growing list of operations that would be allowed under Obamacare.

Johnny Rico said...

A couple weeks back, I rented Red Dawn thinking it might take me back to the 80s when hating Russians was in vogue. I was surprised the enemy that invaded us in the remake was one North Korea. A ludicrous concept as North Korea can barely project across the 38th parallel much less across the Pacific into the USA. I did a little more research finding that Red China was originally the main culprit until the Red Chinese supposedly complained to Hollywood saying the movie portrayal cast their county in a bad light. So Hollywood got right to it and changed the movie to have North Korea as the antagonists. Or so they would have us understand.

I thought this a stretch at the time as Hillary Clinton and others bashed Red China on human rights violations several times with nary a problem. And now suddenly a movie made in tinsel-town is going to ignite a firestorm with Red China? Then the story suddenly changed midstream. Hollywood claimed the portrayal of Red China as antagonists might hurt movie sales in China which is supposedly becoming a huge consumer of American movies. That little switch a roo went unreported by the liberal news media as did the entire suspicious story of Red Dawn being changed to hammer the North Koreans.

I let my suspicions rest until I watched Olympus Has Fallen this evening at the theatre. I was shocked. Guess who the antagonist was in this movie? Yep, you guessed it – North Korea. I haven’t seen this blatant a propaganda since the 1980s. Don’t get me wrong, I think North Korea is off the rocker for sure, but why are we now seeing Hollywood doing its best to social engineer the sheep of the nation? Something’s up here in my always humble opinion. We are going to war with North Korea in the near future, and the Nobel Peace Prize winner wants your buy in. He just sent some B-2s over there as well as other assets. Strange timing.

They don’t have my buy in on this. Let Red China, Japan, South Korea, Europe, Russia and all the others handle the heavy work. Leave us out of it. As for Hollywood propaganda, remember the excellent movie entitled “Hidalgo”? I thought Hidalgo was a fantastic movie, but liberal America didn’t. They said it was propaganda designed to put Arabs in a bad light in light of 9/11. In fact, the following excerpt comes from “Arab News” – 1 March 2004 — “Amidst growing controversy kicked up by an $80-million Hollywood movie due out next week, the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has written to Disney’s chairman expressing concern that the movie, “Hidalgo”, negatively stereotypes Muslims and Arabs, and demanding the removal of the “True Story” tag line that is touting the production." How come these same liberals don’t say this about Red Dawn or Olympus has fallen? What’s the difference? Something just isn’t adding up lately.

So why didn’t Hollywood change its tune with Hidalgo similar to the way they did with Red Dawn? Perilous times we live in. And by the way, Olympus Has Fallen is a terrible movie with an exceedingly stupid, worn out, plot-line. Wait for DVD or Netflicks release.