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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Latinos Are Republicans! Time to Join Rubio and Rand Paul?

A new poll taken by Mexico’s leading public opinion researcher shows that U.S. citizens of Latino descent are potentially strong allies of the Republican Party. So why did they go Democrat? Bottom line, they said
“Republicans don’t like us.” 

But what’s not to like about Latinos? They are the warmest, most delightful people I have ever been with. When I was being trained for the Latin American Peace Corps, the most helpful thing I was told came from our Hispanic teacher. He said, “When you Americans get together, you are always thinking ‘How can I use this other person? We on the other hand, can sit by the side of the road and just soak in each other’s warmth.”

My problem with the immigration issue is, how do we assimilate vast numbers of people whose economic values have failed them? Take the patron system as an example. It is heart wrenching to watch lines of campisinos waiting to enter the patron’s office, hat in hand, humbly thanking him for the money which actually came from them.

 But this study gives us some hope. The Latinos are on to the Democrats. By 59-34 percent, U.S. Latinos agreed that “Democrats are closer to the leaders we had in Latin America, always giving handouts to get votes.” The survey found strong indications that Latinos in the U.S. are deeply worried that the Democratic Party could lead their new country down the same path to debt and dependence that bedeviled the nations they left to come here. 

And they agreed with the statement that “they must be more like the hard working immigrants who came here and worked their way up without depending on the government.” More importantly, when asked which party most shares this sentiment, they chose the Republicans, by a margin of 45-29 percent.

 So, as Rubio has pointed out, we just need to watch our tone. Unless we do, our party is history. My suggestion to everyone is that if you have not already done so, make it a point to fellowship with them. Even learn their language (beautiful for love and friendship, not so good for worldwide commerce). Go to a party and just bask in their warmth. Published  on March 12, 2013  THE HILL


guy faulkes said...

My problem is that the government cannot allow you to pick and choose which law you will obey and which law they will enforce. We have emigration laws that provide for legal emigration. Not following these laws makes illegal aliens criminals and not enforcing these sets precedence for the government to pick and choose arbitrarily how citizens will be treated under other laws.

The Republican party is probably already history because it abandoned its conservative base. Failing to support the rule of law would certainly be another nail in its coffin.

The only justification for ignoring the rule of law is if the law is unconstitutional. This is not the case in this instance.

If the majority of the people feel that emigration law needs to be changed, then by all means, change it. Do not ignore it.

It is rather ironic that the most adamant person I know in their opposition to illegal aliens is a legal immigrant from Venezuela.

Reader said...

Guy, when did our country start ignoring the law for immigration? Since we now have so many immigrants in the states, I just don't see a solution. What is your solution to the problem?

This is a subject that we seem to disagree a bit on...but I'm still a conservative.

guy faulkes said...

" Guy, when did our country start ignoring the law for immigration?"

When we stopped deporting illegal aliens, when political pressure forced ICE and the Border Patrol to stop detaining and or deporting illegal aliens past a few miles from the borders, when the feds do not want state or local enforcement to uphold the rule of law, when we allowed the existence of sanctuary cities in defiance of the rule of law.

"What is your solution to the problem?"

Do all the things I mentioned plus making a fine of at least $10,000.00 per instance for any one that knowingly hires illegal aliens in addition to a criminal sentence that would include imprisonment and forfeiture of assets gained from employment and exploitation of illegals in the same manner as is done for drug dealers. Stop allowing illegal aliens access to driver's licensees, government entitlements, ETC. Reform immigration laws to streamline legal immigration. SECURE THE BOARDERS!!!!!

Reader said...

Guy, I can agree with your comments. Border security is the answer as well as deportation.

Blogger, the Mexicans I know, are delightful. They are loving. But can we continue down the path of debt in this country because we want their votes?

Reader said...

Blogger, I didn't notice the words "US Citizens" on the last post. Sorry I missed that.

Sarkazein said...

Could THIS be the long awaited Mexico Revolution? People forced out of their own country as economic refugees just might be getting the message.