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Friday, March 1, 2013



Sarkazein said...

4 more years of looking at that goofy f@^&%r.

Sarkazein said...

It matters NOT what Obama promised. He makes Nixon look like a choir boy, blames others like a child, does things he accused others of being unpatriotic for doing less of, and his popularity stays pretty much the same.
Obama's Presidency is supernatural.

Sarkazein said...

Money left over after taxes biggest plunge since 1959..

Income drops most in 20 years....

Drudge bi-lines

Obama still maintains the same support.

Many admit they voted for him because he is Black. He's still Black, so they still support him.

Johnny Rico said...

Check this article out regarding possible economic collapse coming:

It sure wouldn't surprise me if the United States collapses economically. Such a scenario plays right into the hands of Hussein Obama and the socialists as the projection of state power will be dramatic. Martial law, communism, and a return to servitude after 237 years of freedom is what faces us.

We deserve it though. We allowed RINOs and Demoturds to kick the can down the road during Fiscal Cliff talks because they knew if they didn't then Americans going off unemployment would go againt illegal aliens. Now with sequestration, that won't happen as Americans can still go on unemployment if they lose their federal jobs (it is actually cheaper for the government).

At any rate, I've reached the conclusion that we're screwed. Beyond the point of return. We yap and babble about the latest offense committed by hussein obama and gang but they don't care if you're outraged. They told you what they were going to do and now they are doing it. Complaining about it now is sheeple-like.

Still see no supposed conservatives actually doing something about it. Not a peep from the "goo ole boys".

Sarkazein said...

JR- I am going to do something about it. I am not going to vote for the Republican if Obama runs for a third term.

Johnny Rico said...


Good one! I won't vote for a RINO either. Just read over on Drudge Report where RINO Romney says he lost because he didn't campaign for blacks and illegal aliens. Isn't it telling that he didn't say a peep about not campaigning for the conservative base! He lost MILLIONs of conservative voters like me, and all he can concentrate on are illegal aliens and blacks? Do you really think blacks will vote for a white guy over a black guy? No way, they are too racist to do that.

At any rate, the Republican Party still doesn't get it. They are going down the rabbit hole of getting more liberal instead of more conservative. The Party will fragment and lose what power it has. It deserves to lose by selling me and other conservatives out time and again. The Republican Party is as screwed as the American people are.

We deserve what's coming.

Sarkazein said...

" Do you really think blacks will vote for a white guy over a black guy?- JR

I believe the Black vote would be much closer if a hard- core Conservative Black was running against an ultra-liberal White. We have seen how Conservative Blacks are treated by the Black so-called leaders.