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Saturday, March 2, 2013

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Johnny Rico said...

Maryland is now ready to fall to full scale registration, with mandatory fingerprinting. Colorado is not far behind with the outlawing of assault weapons, magazines over 10 rounds and shotguns capable of holding 8 or more rounds.

If Colorado falls it should be a wake up to the lazy gun owners of North Carolina. You see class, Colorado saw an influx of liberal socialist sheep from California over the past 25 years. North Carolina has seen a similar increase of liberal freak-a-zoids from places like New York and other areas of the liberal Northeast. Raleigh Durham, Winston-Salem, and especially Greensboro, NC are ALMOST full enough of liberals to sway N.C. in a direction similar to Colorado.

And what will RINOs do about it? NOTHING. The Watauga County Commissioners are a prime example of the crippling emasculation the Republitard party has undergone. What have you liberal Republican Commissioners done to increase my freedoms.

I've only been asking this for about, oh, 4 years now. You dolts have done NOTHING to increase the power of the proletariat. When we go the way of Colorado, look no further than your locally elected representatives who decided not to stand up for personal freedom and individual responsibility.

Sarkazein said...

Texas gun owner map

Johnny Rico said...

Anyone notice that two Fox News hosts are vehemently anti-gun. Chris Wallace and Bill O'Reilly have both went on the attack against 2nd Amendment Rights in the past couple months. Chris Wallace tried to argue with Wayne LaPierre over the 2nd Amendment, and O'Reilly went on Letterman calling for registration of gun owners.

Won't be long now folks. I used to wonder how the end times would look, and it's becoming much clearer now. But, we deserve it. With liberal Watauga County Commissioners committed to keeping their jobs at the cost of YOUR freedom, the same situation plays out in other supposed conservative districts as well.

Anonymous said...

Could have just posted a picture of Piers Morgan. What an idiot. For someone who hates guns, he’s pretty obsessed with them.