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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Route to - VENT PAGE LXVI -

You can get your Kicks on Vent Page 66!....My guess is that all Vent Page followers have already anticipated that our icon for this page would have to be one that would honor the historic US Route 66. The Mother Road! America's Hiway~! 2451 Miles of REAL AMERICA.
Now just fragments of what it once was. Route 66 was a victim of the Interstate Hiway system, chain hotels and fast food restaurants! I regret that I never traveled the old original and COMPLETE Route 66 as it once existed. I have traveled much of what now remains and consider myself fortunate for having had that opportunity~!

VENT PAGES are handy for posting of off-topic posts, rants, raves, rages, etc, which might not be appropriate on other threads where adults are having serious discussions. Childish rant? Need to call another poster a name? Just feel like spouting off?  Or even if you have something to say and there doesn't seem to be any other logical place to say it....THIS PAGE IS FOR YOU! (Trivia question: What year did the tv show Route 66 first appear?" Click Read More for answer)

 Answer to Trivia Question. TV SERIES Route 66 began in October of 1960 and ran until  1964.

Reminiscing Route 66 CLICK HERE 

And, since we are going back in time on this one, let's use one of the most famous automobiles of the 20th century as our auto-icon. That's right, the BATMOBILE. Built by George Barris, the top customizer of the 50s and 60s, it began life as the General Motors "Dream Car" the Lincoln Futura which was purchased by Barris directly from GM and converted into the Batmobile. It made it's TV Debut in 1966!



Sarkazein said...

NewGuy- I have never been on Rt 66. It is on my bucket list (either by mc or car).

Route 17 up and down the Eastern Seaboard was the Route 66 of the East. I am going my memory on the Rt number. The family traveled it often in the Fifties and Sixties. I traveled it often as a young adult as the interstate was just starting to take over in some spots. South Of The Border of course was a big memory as a kid.
Do I have the route number right?

Johnny Rico said...

After traveling Old Route 66, I've come to the conclusion that the Interstate Highway System was actually bad for America as a whole. It is more convienant, that's for sure, but it killed thousands upon thousands of businesses. Look at the Interstate System in NC for instance. You can still see the remainders of old roadside businesses along the orginal state routes that were bypassed by the Interstate. Many downtown areas went downhill the minute traffic was diverted onto Interstates. Yet another example of "progress" killing progress.

Another favorite of Old Route 66 is Seligman, Arizona. This was the last major town on Route 66 to be bypassed. It happened in 1984 which means Seligman is the most modern of the Old Route 66 Towns. The "Copper Cart" and other restaurants are still open in Seligman as well as several hotels. It is indeed like stepping back in time when traveling down Old Route 66.

Johnny Rico said...

Let's get this straight. We are going to cut jobs and funding from Departement of Defense and Department of Homeland Security, yet we still send billions and billions overseas for foreign aid? Does something seem wrong with that? We won't pay our own citizens whilst paying countries that hate us anyway. Amazing.

Romney is yapping and babbling about why he lost the election; blaming it on not paying attention to blacks and illegal aliens. If perhaps the RINO idiot had payed attention to high gas prices, foreign aid, and welfare to illegal aliens he might have won over us true conservatives. But no, we had to listen to the usual RINO drivel that spews forth from the likes of RINO Romney, Rick "the hair" Perry, Carl, "fat man" Rove, Bill "sucubus" O'Reilly, and a host of other clowns (like the Watauga County Commissioners).

Welfare for illegal aliens over American citizens. Foreign aid over American citizens. High gas prices over American citizens.

We continue to sink deeper into the quicksand of liberalism.

Ben Anderson

Johnny Rico said...

Any stupid liberals wanna argue this fine Sunday? Oh, wait, that's right - you dolts are being held to a standard now and can't handle it. Sort of like being cut off from all that welfare you idiots use in lieu of having to work. LOL!!! What a bunch of idiots.

Jenny Cartagas-Smith

guy faulkes said...

This note was found on a car:

“Hello Neighbor,

It has come to my attention that on the back of your black Jeep Cherokee you have a NRA Life Member sticker. For it is your right to express your opinions openly I do not appreciate the fact that I live in a neighborhood with a lunatic who owns guns! We are supposed to live in a safe Christian neighborhood and we don’t need some redneck hillbilly nut living here!
So I ask you please to get rid of your guns and remove your NRA sticker for my children and everyone’s children and turn to God for guidance.

Thank you
Christian Neighbor. “

What would your response have been?

I am torn between simply adding a molon labe’ sticker next to the NRA sicker or writing everyone in the neighborhood a letter saying I already have divine guidance (He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one." -- Luke 22:36) and asking for his name and address so I could respect his wishes about leaving him alone if someone broke in his house to steal everything he owned, kill him, rape his wife and daughter and beat his son to the point he is a paraplegic. Of course if I did this, I would include copy of the letter left on my car and express my willingness to aid any other neighbor that desired it.

I would probably write the letter because the cretin probably does not know molon labe means come and take them.

NewGuy said...

Sark....Yep, Route 17 was a big route.....went thru Wilmington NC, Myrtle Beach, Charleston SC, Savanah Ga, Brunswick Ga (Stop here for a Big Boy) then on to Jacksonville Fl where usually one would take US 1 or A1A. US 301 was another of those great routes!

I knew 17 intimately in the 60s; probably knew every gas station and food stop worth a damn between Camp Lejeune and Jacksonville Fl. Most of the old 17 traffic is on I-95 now but I have ridden almost all of Old 17 on my Harley....It's a little like 66 in the way it runs for a while then just disappears as I95 in some places is laid over the top of old 17.

There was also a 17ALT that bypassed Charleston SC - went a little bit west thru a great little town - Walterboro SC. About the same distance as the regular route but,depending on time of day and time of year, 17A could save you about 1/2 hour to an hour on the trip between Savanah and Wilmington.

NewGuy said...


Guy Faulkes...I was going to make this a post of it's own, but your comment about the NRA sticker on the car makes me think this recent exchange of correspondence between a newcomer to Wyoming and a Wyoming State Senator might fit well here!

This Post

I saw this letter and love the response of this representative in House district 02 in Wyoming.

How would you respond if some lib wrote a letter to you claiming that there would be a mass exodus from the state unless massive gun restrictions were enacted? This Wyoming state representative wrote back one of the best replies ever!

Read the complaint and the epic response below:

Fulbright’s (constituent) email:

Dear Representative,

I hope you are taking care of yourself during this busy session. I know it is a challenging, compressed time.

I am writing to express my grave concern about House Bill 105. Ample evidence has shown that schools and guns do not mix, and in particular, guns in the hands of amateurs/non-professionals is extremely dangerous, especially in any highly-charged situation. to expose our children to greater risk in their schools by encouraging more guns on campuses is something that we cannot allow.

My husband and I moved to Wyoming not too long ago. We believed it was a good place to raise children. With the recent and reactive expansion of gun laws and the profoundly serious dangers of fracking, we find we are seriously reconsidering our decision, which is wrenching to all of us. However, the safety of our family must come first. We are waiting to see what the legislature does this session. I know of other new-to-Wyoming families in similar contemplation. Your choices matter. It would be sad to see an exodus of educated, childrearing age adults from Wyoming as a result of poor lawmaking.


Rev. Audette Fulbright


Hunt’s response:

Rev. Fulbright,

I’ll be blunt. If you don’t like the political atmosphere of Wyoming, then by all means, leave. We, who have been here a very long time (I am proudly 4th generation) are quite proud of our independent heritage. I don’t expect a “mass exodus” from our state just because we’re standing up for our rights. As to your comments on fracking, I would point out that you’re basing your statement on “dangers” that have not been scientifically founded or proved as of yet.

It offends me to no end when liberal out-of-staters such as yourself move into Wyoming, trying to get away from where they came from, and then pompously demand that Wyoming conform to their way of thinking. We are, and will continue to be, a state which stands a head above the rest in terms of economic security. Our ability to do that is, in large part, to our “live and let live” mentality when it comes to allowing economic development, and limiting government oversight. So, to conclude, if you’re so worried about what our legislature is working on, then go back home.


Hans Hunt

Representative Hans Hunt

House District 02

Sarkazein said...

The family was back and forth between Virginia and Florida on 17. Five kids rarely flew in a plane, it was the station wagon. Then you would drive through the cities and stop for the lights. A kid could sleep on the floor of the car or on the floor of the wagon without their parents being pulled over and ticketed for violating the seatbelt laws.

Thursday said...

Johnny Rico, Picking political fights with Liberals is fun but not very challenging. So I’ll pick a fight with you.

Think you can hang with a fellow Conservative?

Your last post was nothing more than name-calling, the kind of tactic schoolyard bullies and liberals use.

Up to this point, the three Republican County Commissioners have proved themselves solidly Conservative. Anyone arguing otherwise is living in a fantasyland. (Examples: Fighting to abolish the ETJ, taking a stand against Boone’s anti-development regulations, focusing on reducing County debt, getting the County out of the non-profit business.)

Name one instance, excluding the vote the Commissioners were forced to take regarding Boone’s proposed water intake facility, where the three Republican Commissioners acted in any other way than Conservative.

For a group of RINOs, this should be an easy task.

The phrase “us true Conservatives” screams self-importance and entitlement.

Outside of blogging, what are you, Jonny Rico, doing to further the Conservative cause? I suspect nothing: no leadership or volunteerism, no giving of time or money, and certainly no candidacy of your own – who would elect you?

My arguments against this kind of backbiting behavior are well documented on this blog. Guy Faulkes and Wolf’s Head were both called out on the carpet for their wrongheaded posts. Neither could defend their actions. Instead they decided to retreat to their ivory castles of self-proclaimed perfectionism. Will you do the same?

guy faulkes said...

Thursday (MikeD), Would you please post a link to where the county commissioners did anything to try to abolish the ETJ? As I remember, they appointed some people to the ETJ Boards that the Town did not want. This is a long way from trying to abolish the ETJ. Even when they appointed these people, they made sure to appoint people that lived in Boone,although not in the ETJ, in order to try to appease the town. It is my understanding they had applicants that while they did not live in the ETJ, they lived as close as the Boone residents that were appointed. They also appeared to be just as qualified, if not more so.

Dan Sucek proposed a bill that would have abolished the Boone ETJ, but he is not a county commissioner. As you may be aware, there is a constitutional amendment being discussed in Raleigh that would limit involuntary annexation to approval of a super majority of those being annexed and would do away with ETJ's all through the state. Hopefully this will pass so the people can vote on it, but it is not a function of the county commission.

The sales tax the Republican commissioners originally proposed and then shot down when the de facto teacher's union highjacked it would not have been so bad if it could have been earmarked to be used for paying down the county debt, but it would have went into the general fund and could have been spent on anything.

All this aside, I do feel the Republican commissioners have done a pretty good job on most issues.

However, indicating voicing your mistaken opinions as calling the Wolf and I on the carpet is somewhat overstating the case. You certainly have a right to your mistaken opinions just as we do to our more logical ones. At least as far as I am concerned, you are over enthused with your own importance, but keep posting. We need varied opinions to keep from becoming a mental masturbation site like Watauga Watch.

As the closet liberal you are, you think you are the only person entitled to an opinion. Rico has stated that she uses this blog to vent so she calls out liberals to give her a target. She not only welcomes their opinions; she entices them. When she decides to be serious instead of just venting, nobody can stay with her, including me. Very few can stay with her during her venting mode. You never have.

NewGuy said...

Sark...our route was always 301 to SC and then, somewhere South of South of the Border, 17. It's interesting to ride those old roads - at least where they still exist - and the old abandoned motels and gas stations offer a nostalgic look at what once was.

As I said, I travelled much of the old 17 a few years back - took that route (or what was left of it) to Daytona for bike week. Much has changed - even new bridges to replace the old ones in Charleston and Brunswick Ga.

Thursday said...

guy faulkes, When will you stop hiding behind this “entitled to an opinion” garbage? Yes, we all have a right to speak our minds, but this does not free us from the responsibility of backing up our political opinions with facts.

Last time you and I went down this road I cited facts, figures, and provided sources to strengthen my arguments. You on the other hand, refused to address any of the questions raised; preferring instead to repeat your baseless opinions. (See Vent Page 63.)

Debate at this low level is mind numbing; mind numbing because folks like you bring nothing but your opinions to the table. Refute a single one of my earlier arguments, and I’ll retract my “calling you out on the carpet” statement.

I will now do something you would never attempt; I will address your questions.

Any astute political observer knows what FORCED the Commissioners to CONSIDER a Sales Tax increase in 2011. At the time, Governor Perdue’s proposed budget would have decimated County finances. Without knowing how things would play out in Raleigh, the Commissioners moved forward in the only way they could. Thankfully Perdue’s budget did not pass, and the Commissioners were able to balance the County budget without a tax increase.

One would think this sequence of events would be simple enough to understand, but unfortunately, not everyone chooses to live in reality. Folks like Deborah Greene and Nate DiCola cling to this period in time. In their minds, this is clear evidence that there is a conspiracy afoot in the Republican Party. Preferring their opinions to facts, they now attack their fellow Conservatives – a quality you often display.

The impetus for Senator Soucek’s ETJ bill was the Watauga County Commission. This body was, and continues to be, the driving force behind the bill. I applaud the Senator for his willingness to take up the issue, but much credit is due County leadership.

Johnny Rico likes to pick fights. Well, come on, here I am. Rico, feel free to bring your opinions; I’ll be armed with facts.

Sarkazein said...

NewGuy- As a kid in the family car traveling Rt 17 and other highways, I looked out the window. Now kids look at a small electronic screen while traveling. The Interstate Highways can be a bore, but they are sure missing a lot.

NewGuy said...

Sark......and, I bet the "special treat" was when you came up on the Burma Shave signs!!!

Shaving brushes

You'll soon see 'em

On a shelf

In some museum


guy faulkes said...

Thursday (MikeD),

No sir, you cited opinions that you claim to be facts because they happened to agree with you.

If what yous ay is true, it is indeed interesting that the commissioners themselves said they did not approve the sales tax issue because of the actions of the defacto teacher's union and the fact they could not ear mark the money to only pay down the debt.

Also, you need to make up your mind. When Socek sponsored his bill to eliminate the Boone ETJ, you ere saying it was because of Phil Templeton, not the commissioners. Also, you wee against the idea.

Your challenge to Rico is humerus. I hope she reads it and takes you up on it. You attacking Rico is analogous to watching someone shoot spitballs at a battleship.

Thursday said...

Guy Faulkes, You may recall Commissioner Gable published an open letter after the public forum regarding the proposed Sales Tax increase.

It reads in part, “Prior to the public hearing…I spoke with state legislators who assured me counties would not be forced to shoulder the burden of balancing the state budget...With this understanding, I entered the public hearing convinced a tax referendum would no longer be necessary… In light of changing events in Raleigh, I feel the Commission will be able to both balance the budget and protect education without a sales tax increase.” - Vince Gable (High County Press: April, 2011)

Take note, what I’ve just done in the above paragraph is present evidence that supports my position, while at the same time discrediting yours. Facts are important things in debate; you may want to consider using them from time to time.

Unfortunately for you, I am not Mike D. You may or may not accept this - let’s face it; you do prefer your fantasies over reality. I supported Senator Soucek’s initial bill, and look forward to voting for the Constitutional Amendment when given the chance.

Like you, I too hope Johnny Rico decides to engage me. Who is this political warrior princess that inspires such loyalty? She must have a tremendous falling! Have I heard of her? What seat does she occupy in Congress? Or is she a political philosopher? Possibly someone well respected, someone whose council is sought out by the masses?

How could I stand against such a woman?

Sarkazein said...

NewGuy- That brings back a memory of my Dad pointing the Burma Shave signs out to me and explaining how he thought it was such a good advertisement campaign.

guy faulkes said...

Mr. Gable and Mr. Miller both made statements about their concerns with the highjacking by the defacto teachers union and the fact the tax revenues could not be earmarked for debt reduction. It was for this reason the issue was dropped, along with the opposition they received from their constituents. I would suspect the opposition had the most to do with it as well it should.

Next time do not pick and choose your quotes.

As you say you have "taken me to the carpet" before, please post the comments that did this along with the user name and the date. As I do not remember you, the trip to the carpet was not very painful.

You certainly write in the same manner as MikeD. You also remind me of GIG, but are not quite as passionate.

NewGuy said...

I have to disagree with my friend, Guy Faulkes here. There was never a "proposal" for a sales tax increase. It was clear from the start that it was placed on the agenda as a contingency in case the state made drastic budget cuts which would effect the county budget. As soon as it was determined that the state would not make those cuts, the BOC voted against a tax increase.

I do agree that, as a POLITICAL issue, the 3 newly elected Republican commissioners could have certainly handled the optics better. Their 'contingency plan' was quickly labeled as a 'tax increase' by the Dems and by a few so-called conservatives, some of whom had a personal agenda against one or more of the Republican commissioners.

Democrat Jim Deal proved to be a pretty good political operative when he usurped the issue and rallied the teachers union behind a tax increase.

I give the Republicans on the BOC (former and present) very high marks on the county's fiscal issues. No tax increases, serious reduction in debt, belt tightening pretty much across the board. I do disagree with the nearly million dollar increase they approved to the Board of Education budget. Apparently their was enough in the school budget for the new 200K superintendent to create 3 new admin jobs - including one for his wife!

NewGuy said...

Sark...I used to love the Burma Shave signs. Once or twice over the years I have spotted a single sign remaining in a field on some back road and it always made me think of road trips as a youngster!

I've seen a set or two of the old ones in antique shops over the years. Apparently they are still quite collectible and the prices high.

As popular as those signs were, I wonder if they were effective? Did people buy the product? Or just like to read the signs on long road trips?

Thursday said...

guy faulkes,

You have been presented cold hard facts: “I entered the public hearing convinced a tax referendum would no longer be necessary.”

Yet, somehow you continue to cling to your opinions: “the highjacking by the defacto teachers union and the fact the tax revenues could not be earmarked for debt reduction. It was for (these) reasons the issue was dropped.”

The teacher’s “union” acted in appalling fashion (no surprise, all organized labor behaves in such a way.) But the public hearing was nothing more than theater – the three Republican Commissioners had already decided there was no need for a tax increase. Again, they “entered the public hearing convinced a tax referendum would no longer be necessary.”

I’m certain Miller and Gable made comments about how poorly the teacher’s “union” behaved, but this is not the “reason the issue was dropped.” To assert otherwise, would mean you are calling Gable a liar. Do you honestly think Mr. Gable would lie to the entire community for no reason?

I belabor the point only to highlight your habitual need to insert your opinions into history, and then present your own narrative as fact.

D. Greene, N. DiCola, Rico, and Wolf’s Head engage in the same childish activity.

They too have now been “called onto the carpet.”

Do you honestly expect me to believe this: “please post the comments that (called me onto the carpet) along with the user name and the date. As I do not remember you”

(A) I already provided the reference (Vent Page 63) two posts earlier.
(B) Just yesterday you could remembered your first “carpet” experience: “indicating voicing your mistaken opinions as calling the Wolf and I on the carpet is somewhat overstating the case.” - Guy Faulkes (March 4, at 8:30am.) Amnesia? That would explain a great deal.

Guy Faulkes, this marks the second time you have been exposed. Own up to your bad behavior, change your ways, and begin to support, not hurt the Conservative cause.

Maybe Rico will prove a more worthy adversary, but I doubt it.

guy faulkes said...

I notice you do not present the previous posts and user names along with the dates. Thursday (MikeD) These were the posts (from MikeD) to which I referred. This inability to provide any information on historical posts has outed you, MikeD.

Mr. Gable was a politician. All politicians spin things to their benefit. When is a half truth a lie?

Once again, you try to use your opinion as fact.

Nice try, but no cigar.

Sarkazein said...

Those with Liberal POVs are in mourning.

Thursday said...

guy faulkes, There seems to have been a delay with posts appearing to the blog. My most recent response to your shenanigans can be found above (March 5th at 11:15am).

Will you address any of the condemning evidence brought against you? Highly unlikely – “your honor, I’m done with the witness.”

Thursday said...

guy faulkes,

I will not copy and paste our entire conversation from Vent Page 63 to satisfy your egotistical needs. If you’re too important to click “older posts,” at the bottom of the page, than go without.

You clearly remember the previous carpet experience, and will certainly not forget this one either. Thursday handed you these defeats – no one else.

But embarrassing you was never my goal. No, the goal is to expose the backbenchers, those cowardly individuals who sit on the sidelines of politics, lobbing criticism from behind the safety of a computer. Those holier-than-thou types, who always profess to know better, can do it better, but never seem to produce.

guy faulkes, you are a second-rate political hack. No one else may read or care about our exchange, but we both know what has transpired here.

You’ll need some time to convince yourself that you didn’t just get spanked, but I have faith in your ability to rewrite history. Either way, your cheeks are glowing rosy-red.

Now where is your champion, Rico? Rest assured, I haven’t forgotten about her baseless RINO comments.

guy faulkes said...

Theusday (MikeD)

Show where this taking to the carpet is posted under the username Thursday if this ever happened, even in your own mind.

Stating your opinions are facts does nothing but provide another opinion.

Until this exchange started, MikeD or whoever you are, I cannot remember anyone ever posting under the name Thursday. This means if you did, the trip to the carpet was not very significant. If this delusional post did occur under another user name, why did you change it?

You have been exposed.

Thursday said...

guy faulkes,

My first post addressed to you can be found on Vent Page 63 - February 3, 2013 at 11:18 AM.

You clearly remember the exchange, but hiding behind faked amnesia provides you cover. This “I don’t remember” business has allowed you to continue posting, yet protects you from being forced to address the real issue: you and your cronies need to distort the facts in order to attack upstanding Conservatives in our community.

I am not Mike D, but the identity of your prosecutor doesn’t matter. Barak Obama himself could have brought this case against you and won - the evidence stands on its own, and condemns you as a rewriter of history.

Just in case you misunderstood me, I am not Barak Obama either.

All I want is honesty; someone brave enough to explain why the DiCola, Greene, and Ricos of the world feel they can throw around the phrase “RINO” without proof. Why do they view themselves as such enlightened thinkers, yet have no following outside their tiny group of misfits?

I suspect this has nothing to do with Conservatism, and everything to do with envy. Maybe I’m wrong? If so, could someone please present FACTS that can explain how these individuals justify such bad behavior.

guy faulkes said...

If you think anytime you have posted in this exchange, "takes me to the carpet" you certainly have a high regard for yourself, Thursday (MikeD). Nothing you have posted is anything but your opinion.

I did not think you could provide a historical post with your user name. The assertion that you are only talking about the time period dating from March. 3, 2013 (not February)is proven by the fact you say you also addressed (took to the carpet) the Wolf and Rico. Neither of these people have wasted their time by communicating with you and you have not addressed anything specific that they have posted. It is clear that you meant some previous post you made under some other user name and for some reason do not want to use it now because the first time you mentioned previously taking the Wolf and I to the carpet was on the Feb. 3 post. This is very strange as you cannot have done this and still claim you wee only referring to posts since March 3. I went back to the older threads in February and could find nothing from you. as you know the thread you made your marvelous argument, maybe you will direct me to it.

What exactly do you disagree with me on since the March date. I said "All this aside, I do feel the Republican commissioners have done a pretty good job on most issues" after I corrected your errors about the ETJ and reducing the deft through a sales tax.

We do not agree. This takes no one to the carpet. Notice NewGuy did not agree with me either, but as always he shows some class.

Thursday said...

guy faulkes, You must not read the posts addressed to you, or maybe you just have trouble comprehending what is being said?

Stop worrying about who I am – this does not matter – no one cares – this is mindless – pay attention – stop chasing rabbits – FOCUS!

AGAIN, the question is: Why do folks like you, DiCola, and Greene fill the need to post untruths and slanders about upstanding Conservatives to this blog and local on-line newspapers?

What compels this behavior? I want nothing more or less out of you. JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION.

Maybe lying to you will help – I am Mike D.


guy faulkes said...

Thursday (MikeD)

First of all, I do not know that the posts and letters you are talking about from DiCola and Greene are untruths or slanders except that is your opinion. Where is your proof and what statements are you asking about?

If you can provide some facts instead of opinions, then you will have to ask them about their reasoning if they cannot provide counter proof. I cannot answer for them.

Now, it is your turn. Where are the posts where you took Rico, The Wolf and I to the carpet that you referred to as happening previously in your first post in this exchange, along with the username and date they were posted? Please provide a link.

I think it is obvious you cannot do it because it never happened, you were posting under another name, or you know any such post was merely your opinion.


guy faulkes said...

Also, what is it with which you disagree with me other than the sales tax issue and the ETJ issue on which I had to provide you with correct information?

We really did not have a disagreement on those issues other than you left out a lot of facts in stating your opinion. I am defiantly for getting rid of the ETJ and posted I would support a sales tax increase if it could be earmarked to reduce the debt during the discussion on that issue.


Anonymous said...

Awwwww those poor professors.

If 30% of ASU faculty are seeking employment elsewhere, can we assume that if at least half of them are still here next year, that nobody else wants them?

Blogger said...

From an article by Craig Benson o sequester:

The arrangement is called a “sequester”. This seems to have several meanings:

1) to Mr. Obama the sequester is akin to one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. So sudden and radical are the cuts that planes will fall from the sky, the sick will die in the streets and the nation’s children will face starvation. At least this is his political posture. He’s reading the same playbook that a local School Board uses when they have trouble getting a budget past the voters. It’s always the most popular programs that are threatened with the ax—football, not Spanish, will have to go—if the voters don’t save the day.

2) to House Republicans “sequester” translates as “tax cuts we don’t have to get past the Senate”.

3) to Senate Democrats “sequester” translates as “it’s the Republicans’ fault”.

4) to the mainstream media “sequester” translates as “yawn” because they’ve noticed that the cuts come on line gradually towards the end of March. And the conventional wisdom is that a deal will have been cut by then.

5) to the rest of the country “sequester” translates as “another faux crisis with another faux fix on our way to the next faux crisis

Thursday said...

Guy Faulkes, Throughout this entire process I have provided quotes, dates, and numbers. My opinions are based on these facts. You, on the other hand, have not referenced a single source – no quotes – zero figures – absolutely nothing outside of “this is what I believe, take it as fact.”

My beef with you people is simple: the habitual need to distort reality in order to attack your fellow Conservatives.

I now provide quotes (aka facts) I’d like you to consider. My follow up comments will be marked with (***).

“ Has anyone thought of taking the pulse of Watauga GOP officers?” – Nate DiCola (February 2, 2013)

*** Why Mr. DiCola? Clearly they are alive and well – 2010 and 2012 were both watershed years for the local GOP in spite of your hateful behavior.

“All indications point to the probability that (Democrat Jim) Deal's proxies--friends--have already migrated to the GOP. They must be ousted at the next GOP biannual meeting, in March 2013.” – Nate DiCola (December 4, 2012)

*** Nate, what “indicates” this? Who must be “ousted,” and as an independent, why do you care?

And then there is this about Nate’s fellow Best Conspiracy Friend Forever, Deborah Greene.

“The candidacy of Deborah Greene for school board is the most interesting political phenomenon at the local level during this election cycle… Ms. Greene will do well (on Election Day).” – Nate DiCola (November 6th, 2012)

*** Don’t beat yourself up Nate; you only misjudge the outcome by 3,000 votes or 35%. It’s not like you have a history of misjudging things (every ounce of sarcasm intended.)

Strange how DiCola idolizes Greene for her no-holds-bar approach to politics, yet gives her a free pass to have lunch dates with Liberal Mastermind, Pam Williamson.

And then there is this bit of praise Greene bestowed on liberals,” “Congratulations…John (Welch) and Billy (Kennedy.) I am confident (you) will bring much needed ethics reform and transparency (to County Government.)”

***Nate and Deborah, so members of your gang can fraternize with whomever they choose, but those outside your gang cannot? Gang members can publicly compliment Liberals, but any Republican seen with a Democrat is most certainly an undercover Liberal operative? Double Standard? “All indications point to the probability that” this is the case.

Guy Faulkes, I do not expect you to speak for DiCola or Greene. But the fact of the matter is, you behave in similar fashion. Rooting your arguments in baseless accusations, you attack fellow Conservatives for no reason.

In general, we do not differ in our policy beliefs – this was never the argument. My argument is against backbiting behavior. It serves no purpose, and moves all of us further away from accomplishing our Conservative goals.

I called Rico out for the baseless “ Watauga County Commissioners are RINOs” comment. I called you out for asserting the Republican Party was dead. I am calling Greene and DiCola out for being extreme liars.

“A message to the Watauga GOP: are you all drinking cool-aide?” – Nate DiCola.

***A message to Nate DiCola, Deborah Greene, Rico, and the gang: “He is a conceited person and does not understand anything. He has an unhealthy craving for arguments and debates. This produces jealousy, rivalry, slander, evil suspicions.” – 1 Timothy 6:4

guy faulkes said...

All right, Thursday, where are the dates, and links to your comments that you say you made prior to this exchange that show user names?

Presenting a more complete list of comments by the commissioners is not backbiting. It is called disclosure.

It appears you have no proofs that the opinions of Greene and DiCola are any more incorrect than yours. Why do you wish to deny them the right to state their opinions? Do they have to think highly of candidates just because you choose to do so?

I happen to agree with their general principals in the Presidential races. The Republican party has moved so far to the left that it is dead, at least in this race. It can still win on other levels if it decides to run conservative candidates. The state and local races proved this along with the large majority by which Ms Foxx won.

Sarkazein said...

This little pucker is a pop hero. Pants down and has to be lifted up into his gas guzzling van by his body man as he heads back to his Manhattan ghetto.

Thursday said...

guy faulkes, As stated many times over, Vent Page 63 is where you need to look. You were falsely proclaiming the Republican Party was dead. This is where you were taken to task. Our discussion ended with you conceding to “stop beating this horse,” though clearly you had no intention of doing so.

I do not understand your need to associate my comments with other bloggers, but in reality, there are a great many things I do not understand about you, Dicola, Rico, and Greene.

You are right; everyone is entitled to their opinions. But shouldn’t the opinion-holders make sure their theories are rooted in reality before they go on the attack?

Maybe a story will help you understand:

Greene believes aliens constructed the pyramids – this is her opinion. But the lack of evidence supporting her opinion leaves room for doubt. Discrediting her opinion further is the staggering volume of historical evidence that indicates the Egyptians, not aliens, constructed the pyramids.

Instead of accepting the historical evidence as fact, Greene comes to believe there is a conspiracy afoot. She enlists the help of sidekick, DiCola, and together they attack historians who do not buy into their alien theory.

Historians argue their case with facts, but citizens like guy faulkes, unmoved by facts, defend the conspiracy theorist attackers with an ACLU talking point: “Why do you wish to deny them the right to state their opinions?”

-The End-

guy faulkes, I do not wish to deny DiCola and Greene their opinions. My aim is to deny their baseless and hateful attacks the acceptance they routinely receive on this blog.

DiCola says the local GOP is dead → Local Election results prove the exact opposite

DiCola accuses GOP Leaders of being undercover Democrat operatives → Not a shred of proof, yet you defend his hateful behavior because “he is entitled to his opinion” – give me a break, was Charles Manson entitled to his opinions as well?

Greene attacks local GOP members for not supporting her candidacy, while at the same time campaigning on behalf of Democrats → DiCola idolizes Greene for her conservative principles – clear double standard.

guy faulkes, I don’t know what more “proof” you need. History, facts, and figures are on my side. You can keep claiming these are just my opinions, but my opinions are rooted in reality.

Continue to believe aliens constructed the pyramids if you must.

guy faulkes said...

"History, facts, and figures are on my side. You can keep claiming these are just my opinions, but my opinions are rooted in reality."

Unfortunately, Thursday, your opinions are just that, opinions. They are exactly the same as those of Greene, DiCola, Rico, NewGuy, Bloger, Reader, Nobody, and me. We all feel our opinions are rooted in history, facts, figures, and reality.

I really do not know the entities that built the pyramids nor do I care very much. If you think they were built by aliens, that is perfectly fine by me.

I am still waiting for those links to preceding threads taking anyone to the carpet.

guy faulkes said...

Why has this not been shown by the main stream media?

Anonymous said...

Is Dicola a registered Republican or Independent? I seem to remember him threatening to quit the GOP but then recanting? I could be wrong.

Reader said...

Good video, Guy. I'm surprised no one is mentioning Rand Paul and the drone issue. Of course, I could have missed it.

By the way, thanks Sark, for telling me how you feel about Cruz. Was reading about him and thought he might be new blood for the republican party.

Thursday said...

guy faulkes,

Your total disregard for facts, and continued support of unfounded opinions is eerily reminiscent of the Liberal mindset:

Who says the nation’s deficit is something to be concerned with - that's just your opinion.

Life begins at conception? Yeah right, that’s just your opinion.

Lower taxes boost the economy? - Show me some facts that aren't tainted with your opinions.

FACTS ARE A MUST IN POLITICAL DISCOURSE! Without them, we are no different than Liberals, and it is the Liberal mindset that is destroying this nation.

But I understand you cannot publicly accept what has been presented. If you had done so, gang leaders, DiCola and Greene, would have kicked you out of their hate club.

Now on to this obsession of yours to uncover my true blogger identity – as stated many times over, see Vent Page 63. You can spin the events in any fashion you choose, but the transcript speaks for itself.

I will not provide you additional information. Your only aim is to find out my true identity, so you can go about the business of hating me even more.

The identity of the questioner should be of no concern to you. It is the questions you need to focus on.

But hey, this is just my opinion. Or is it your opinion? Maybe it’s all our opinions, or no one’s opinion? Before we agree, lets ask DiCola and Greene their opinion, and then we’ll decide what facts are opinions, and what opinions are facts.

Sarkazein said...

Guy Faulkes- That is a great video link. Johnny Rico would be proud.

guy faulkes said...

I think it is clear that Thursday has totally lost his composure. This may be an indication he has lost confidence in his argument. His last post has reached the point of incoherency.

I do not hate you Thursday. Why would you think I did. I have not made a single post telling you that you do not have a right to an opinion. All I have said is that you should extend the same courtesy to others that do not agree with you.

I have asked you for a link that you apparently cannot provide. How dos this indicate either hate or admiration? It indicates a shortfall in your argument.

Are you sure you are not a Democrat? Accusing those that disagree with them of being full of hate is one of their common tactics. Your last post was worthy of LPOV.

Thursday said...

guy faulkes,

As stated many times over, my goal is to discredit the backbiters – those individuals who attack their fellow conservatives out of spite, envy, or sheer meanness.

I do not question Johnny Rico’s conservatism, but accusing the County Commissioners of being RINOs was completely out of line. My initial post was address to Rico, but you stepped up to defend your friend in his prolonged absence.

For whatever reason, Rico and the gang left you hanging. They decided to let you serve as public defender for all the backbiters – an impossible task – especially with no help.

But upon reflection, I must admit, there is a stark difference between you and the Hate Gang (DiCola and Greene.) In general, you seem to be disenfranchised with the Republican Party at the national level, while DiCola and Greene are more interested in attacking just about every Conservative in our community.

The good news is we have found some common ground: neither of us hates the other! You’re right, I should not have used the term with you. But, the behavior of DiCola and Greene can only be described as hateful.

If you are willing to continue in the role of public defender, I’d like your opinion on the following:

DiCola and Greene say the local Republican Party is dead. Local elections results indicate the party is the most effective it has been in years. (Watauga goes Red for Romney, McCrory, Forest, Newby, Foxx, Soucek, County Commission, and School Board.)

I doubt LPOV would be interested in asking such a question.

guy fauleks said...

If you were a regular on this blog, Thursday, you would know that I am among those that think the Republican party is dead if they continue to follow the lead of the liberal blue blood establishment of the party.

This is supported by the fact that in those areas where many social as well as fiscal conservatives ran, the party did very well. It was not a case of the locals riding Romney''s coat tails, but rather, the other way around.

Before he was even nominated , I made the prediction that he was not electable. He was not. Three million fewer conservative voters supported him as did McCain.

The local party is without a doubt more conservative than is the national party. This is true in many places. It is for this reason the Republicans are suffering a lingering death. Conservatives keep trying to revive it.

Sooner or later it will either return to its conservative base on the national level or it will be replaced by a third party. Until that time there is no way it can win a presidential election and the national party will hurt the local candidates by being a liability.

I cannot speak for Rico, Greene, or Dicola. I personally think the conservative county commissioners do a pretty good job, although I agree with the premise they should take a more hard line stance with the Town of Boone and should be more proactive. Others on both sides of the fence may not agree with me. That is certainly their prerogative.

Rico comes and goes on the blog. Sometimes she is constantly on and sometimes she is gone for long periods. The same can be said for Greene. I do not remember many if any, posts by DiCola. (Are you referring to hid letters to newspapers? If so, why would he respond here?) I neither know or care if they are aware of our debate. I do not need assistance from anyone to present my viewpoint. However, I would be interested to see what they would have to say as to you calling their honest opinions backbiting. I have to wonder if they would counter by calling yours brown nosing. It is not valid for either term to be used because everyone has a valid opinion.

LPOV would not ask questions as you did in your last post. However, your previous post was as if he made it.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I thought ET constructed the pyramids, one little block at time.

Could Thursday be Rahm Emanuel?

(Only if the post is on Tuesday.)

And Dicola and Greene are actually drinking buddies on Saturday nite, and Guy Faulks is the bartender, cavalier hat, feather, and the rest of his disguise.

Or is that Friday night?

Of course, this is only my opinion - but I do have a right to an opinion. Don't I, coach?

guy faulkes said...

Yes, Anonymous, I guess even a troll has an opinion (or a chance to try to invoke anger at him as it appears he thinks this would be his best tactic in a verbal exchange. Why not try logic?)

At least Thursday's opinions were coherent except for when he lost his temper.

Sarkazein said...

The money your whole neighborhood paid in taxes IS FINALLY GOING FOR A GOOD CAUSE. USA! USA! USA! USA!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Guy, I thought it would be complimentary.

No need to be so touchy.

guy faulkes said...

Johnathon Jordan has sponsored a much needed bill to require that sheriffs not exceed their authority in asking for information concerning concealed carry permit applications. Uniformity in this process is of paramount importance.

Thursday said...

guy faulkes, In all honesty I don’t care if Greene or DiCola respond to, or even know about, this conversation. My comments are for the benefit of the small number of folks who may stumble across this transcript.

Unless they take it upon themselves to seek medical treatment, Greene and DiCola’s psychosis is too advanced for real world arguments to have any impact.

In my estimation, the problem facing Conservatives is the electorate, not the Republican Party. Generally speaking, the populace of this country is Conservative, uninformed, and apathetic. The latter two characteristics are the root of the problem.

While I admire V. Foxx’s Conservative voting record, she could never win a Presidential Race, even if we did away with the Republican Primary process. UNINFORMED voters would not be able to grasp the power and freedom of Conservatism. I hate our Country is in such a terrible state of affairs, but here we are.

At this point in time, I think it far better for all Conservatives to play the long game. In order to win a Presidential Race, the Republican candidate must run Center-Right, and once elected govern Far-Right. This is the same model Obama used: he ran Center-Left and after winning, governed Far-Left.

Outside of his health care debacle, Romney did the same thing in Massachusetts – he ran Center and governed Right. He was attempting the same thing during his bid for the Presidency, but Conservatives like you opted for the short game – we want it all, and we want it right now. This is a shortsighted mentality. Play the long-game and we’ll actually be able to accomplish some things.

What do you mean by, “liberal blue blood establishment of the party?” I hope you are not assuming those who have been financially successfully, cannot at the same time be Conservative.

guy faulkes said...

It is interesting that you feel that "the populace of this country is Conservative, uninformed, and apathetic. The latter two characteristics are the root of the problem.", Thursday.

If this is the case, then why did the conservative candidates do so well in the county? Could it be that the local conservatives supported conservative candidates to the point that they provided a coattail effect for the moderates and liberals.

Your somewhat elitist statement illustrates my point about the liberal establishment blue bloods. Just because the citizens of the county are more conservative than yous seem to like, it does not make them either uninformed or apathetic. They are very well informed. Not voting for a person with an R beside their name on the ballot when you do not agree with them does not make you apathetic. It makes you principled.

There are no hard and fast rules on successful people being either liberal or conservative, but I have noticed that people that are successful due to their own efforts seem to be more conservative and people that owe their success to inheritance from the family seem to be more liberal.

More people than you think may see this "transcript". Blogger indicates the blog is fairly highly rated and receives quite a few views, including new viewers on a regular basis, if I remember correctly..

Casey Miller said...

If the current officers of the executive committee aren't trying to further disenfranchise the Republicans of this county, and they aren't trying to completely kill my party, then why have they not even listed the annual convention on the Watauga GOP website? They have done nothing to inform citizens about this years convention, and they have not taken any interest or action in local issues.

Anonymous said...

Casey, when you called me and asked for to support you in running for an office, I was unsure.
Now, seeing you use a public forum to attack fellow Republicans, I have made up my mind.
I will support the recommendations of the nominating committee. The current officers you criticize here are the same officers that have brought our party such success in recent years.
It isn't "your" party. It's "our" party and I will support the people who have supported our Republican candidates. If you are so intent on attacking Republicans, you should consider joining the Williamson crowd!

Casey Miller said...

My comment isn't an attack. It's a statement. It's the same statement I made in the executive committee meeting, and its the same points that I have made to anyone I have spoken to about the current state of the watauga party. If I did call you, I said the same thing. Posting my statement here for more republicans to see is no different than calling each one individually. Unfortunately though, I do not have the time to speak to each person individually.

You do what you must do. But keep in mind that I have the integrity to put my name to my statement, and I am going to work for the voice of all republicans in Watauga County.

Thursday said...

guy faulkes,

Clearly you misread my earlier post. I said the “COUNTRY,” not the “COUNTY,” is in general “Conservative, uninformed, and apathetic.”

Poll after poll indicates we live in a Center-Right nation, yet a staggering number of citizens have no idea what either party stands for; many have trouble identify any elected official outside of the President → an uninformed electorate.

Just 57.5% of registered voters voted in 2012 → an apathetic electorate.

I still do not fully understand what you mean by, “elitist…liberal establishment blue blood,” but I am certain none of my comments resembles this description or way of thinking.

Conservatives come in all shapes and sizes. I care nothing about where they live, how they dress, what they do for a living, the size of their bank account, the color of their skin, or the accent they carry from where they grew up. All I care about is what they believe.

To my earlier point about playing the long game, Ronald Reagan said, “I’d rather get 80% of what I want than to go over the cliff with my flag flying.” Conservatives must take up this mantra if our nation is ever to recover from this Socialist experiment ushered in by Obama. Don’t you agree?

I notice our conversations are doing you some good: “HM…Your opinion is not based on fact or logic.” – guy faulkes (March 12, 2013 at 11:16 PM)

Clearly you recognize the need for facts and logic in political debate. This is the very argument I was making in our conversation above.

I understand your reluctance to publicly condemn DiCola and Greene’s hateful behavior – who wants to be at odds with friends? Going forward, I can only hope you choose to apply the same standard of “fact and logic,” with them as you did Happily Married. You may not affirm this publicly, but privately I hope you recognize these two individuals pedal nothing but hate, a hate rooted in fantasy and devoid of logic or fact.

Anonymous said...

Who is Casey Miller? This is the first I’ve heard of him. What office is he runing for? He seems to be mad at something or somebody. I’d question anyone running for party leadership who no one knows and looks to be running because of a grudge. Whats the story here? Maybe Miller himself would be willing to explain whats going on.

Deborah Greene said...


You have a pulse!

guy faulkes said...

I will "condemn" or to put it correctly publicly disagree with anyone as do most of the regular posters that frequent this blog. The only criteria is that they say something I feel strongly enough about to warrant a disagreement with them. Even then, I have never said anyone did not have a right to believe whatever he wanted.

Bolgger , NewGuy, Reader, Rico, Nobody, the Wolf, and many others have also voiced differing opinions on many subjects. This is because we think for ourselves and do not follow talking points from anyone, including the Republican party.

Your problem is that you cannot understand that you continually confuse your opinion as being fact. Facts are objective. What you call facts are subjective to what you believe.

You lost your credibility when you stated your OPINION that "he populace of this country is Conservative, uninformed, and apathetic. The latter two characteristics are the root of the problem." Prove this. My opinion is that you are wrong.

Lets look at the fact that in most of the areas where social conservatives ran, the Republican party did better than in the areas in which it ran moderates or liberals. This is verifiable. Check the election results.

The reference to the county illustrates my point.

It should not be hard for you to recognize an elitist, blue blood, establishment Republican. I think you see one every day when you look in the mirror. There is nothing wrong with being one except I believe you have killed the Republican part or are at least in the process of doing so by abandoning the "uninformed, and apathetic conservatives. (Note: Tis is an opinion.)

guy faulkes said...

NewGuy, did the spam monster get me again?

NewGuy said...

No, fault. Asleep at the switch!

Thursday said...

guy faulkes, sure.

NewGuy said...

Thanks HCP and Jesse Wood for linking to us! We are returning the favor:

A little more research on your part would have revealed the fact that the local GOP has been publicizing the convention for some time now....a previous email blast was sent out a couple of weeks ago and repeated in our posting here:;postID=8564573085907390874

Anonymous said...

It's a safe bet that the "small faction of registered Republicans – who requested anonymity" would include Deborah Greene. Mrs Greene, apparently having recovered from her recent humiliation as a school board candidate, seems to have decided that she can damage the chances of the local Republicans more from the inside than from her "independent" status, and has registered again as a Republican

Presumably she will still support the Democrats in local elections.

Deep Gap Republican said...

Actually the current Board of Commissioners could put an end to the Boone water intake if they wanted to. All they have to do is pass a resolution against it. We might all ask ourselves why they haven't done just that instead of patting them on the back just for their bitching and moaning.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that our Republican commissioners approved the water intake last year.

Anonymous said...

And Casey has something else just as important.

Common sense.

'Hope you win, Casey.

Anonymous said...

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