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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Watauga County Population gains come from other NC counties.....

An Interactive Map   from the US Census Bureau shows the US Population changes and migration patterns for all US counties. It's probably no surprise that the biggest "inflows" from out of state are coming from Florida. But, it may be a bit surprising to learn that  the number of people moving INTO Watauga from out of state (1350) were actually outnumbered by the people LEAVING Watauga for other states (1399).

Our population growth is primarily because of people moving into Watauga from other NC counties (5247) outnumbering by almost 2 to 1, those leaving Watauga heading to other NC counties (2743).

The interactive map allows users to break down the immigration patterns in several ways...including race, gender, and age.


Anonymous said...

What state is Victoria Smith from?

Anonymous said...

What planet are Debra Green and Madeline Carter from?