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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Watauga GOP has succesful convention....

Meeting at the County Courthouse today, appx 55 Republican delegates from the 20 Watauga voting precincts held their annual convention. Delegates elected the slate of officers proposed by the nominating committee -  three by unanimous consent and with only one office contested-the position of County Vice chair

 The local party elected by unanimous vote, Anne Marie Yates as the new county chairman; Adrian deKeyzer as treasurer and Myra Scoggins as Secretary.

Casey Miller was offered as a candidate for Vice Chair to oppose candidate Victoria Smith who had been reccomended by the Executive Board.  Miller conducted a public campaign for the position - including advertizing in the High Country Press.

In spite of (or possibly because of?) Miller's campaigning "outside" the party framework for the Vice Chair position, he was defeated by Smith in a secret ballot vote by the majority of delegates in attendance.

Smith, in the few short years since relocating to Watauga, has become a serious force in local Republican politics. She has worked hundreds - perhaps thousands - of hours - on behalf of Republican candidates! She served as Dan Soucek's campaign manager in the 2010 election and as Jonathan Jordan's campaign manager in the 2012 election.

Here is the biographical information of the elected candidates (as provided by the local party)

A native and lifetime resident of Watauga County, Anne Marie attended Hardin Park Elementary, graduated from Watauga High School and earned a BS in Accounting from Appalachian State University. She has been married to Perry Yates for 28 years and has five children. Anne Marie has attended Greenway Baptist Church since 1971. She served on the NC State Daycare Committee from 1987-1991 after being appointed by Rep. Gene Wilson. Anne Marie has also served on the Watauga Education Foundation from 2005-2011 and is President of the BLGA. She was the office manager/accountant for Appalachian Architecture and is currently the owner of Yates Travel, P&A Investments, and HCL Investments. Anne Marie has been a Watauga County Republican for 28 years and actively involved.

Victoria Smith has been dedicated to the Republican Party’s mission since 1976 when she worked on Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Campaign in San Diego. At San Diego State University she was deeply involved in the College Republicans while attending nursing school. Victoria arrived in North Carolina in 1992 and hit the ground running for the GOP in Charlotte. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Republican Women benefited from Victoria’s leadership with her serving on the board as President, Vice President and Campaigns/Political advisor for 19 years. She has worked tirelessly as campaign manager for many Republican candidates since 1995 including Mayor Pat McCrory for all of his Mayoral campaigns, NC Senator Bob Rucho, NC Senator Dan Soucek, NC House Rep. Jonathan Jordan, as well as judicial, county commission, city council and referendums – 16 successful campaigns in all. In 2008 Victoria was a “Tribute to Women” Honoree by the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women - an honor given to women who are “Making a Difference” in the Republican Party. Little known fact: Former Secretary of State George Shultz (in the Reagan administration) is Victoria’s brother-in-law.

Adrian grew up in Marietta, GA and attended Appalachian State University. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree, double majoring in Finance & Banking and Risk Management & Insurance. Adrian currently works as a personal banker at Wells Fargo and is a co-owner of the local franchise of Curves. Last fall he became engaged and will marry his fianceĆ© Stephanie in August. Adrian is an Eagle Scout and enjoys many outdoor activities the High Country offers.

Myra has lived in Blowing Rock since 1970. She is on the Blowing Rock Appearance and Advisory Commission and Blowing Rock C.A.R.E.S. board. Myra is concerned with the lack of good employment opportunities in the county. She feels the Boone Town Council stands in the way of progress for the county. Myra believes Boone needs a broader tax base which helps the county as a whole. She hopes to help find good Conservative candidates to run for the Boone Town Council. Myra believes people with business experience are a must for the future of our county.

See also Kellen Moore article in Watauga Democrat


Thursday said...

Thursday's Take On The Watauga County GOP Convention...

This year’s Watauga County GOP Convention was no different than any other: Party faithful gathered to celebrate yet another year of tremendous success. Convention business was handled in an orderly fashion.

Some may have expected a few fireworks given the High Country Press’s reporting about a, “small faction of registered Republicans…stirring up the pot.” But as it turns out, this so called “faction” was nothing more than the Hate Gang (DiCola and Greene) up to their usual tricks.

To be fair, the Hate Gang was well behaved. DiCola and Greene acted as if their peers had already scolded them – they sat in their proverbial corners, serving their timeouts like a big boy and girl. Convention attendees were grateful.

Casey Miller’s much talked about bid for Vice-Chairman proved to be nothing more than a farce. DiCola and Greene clearly pressured Miller into running, yet when the time came to back their guy, they left him hanging.

After nominating Miller, DiCola was asked to speak in support of him. DiCola’s response: “He can speak for himself.” (Powerful words from a well-respected man. How could Miller not win with such a glowing endorsement? But somehow Miller did lose; there was no call for a recount.)

The Hate Gang then moved on to Resolutions. DiCola had his wife present a resolution, but when it came time for a second to the motion:

Silence…more silence…Mrs. DiCola scanning the audience for her husband…. silence…. more silence…. and finally, the motion fails.

Amazingly, Nate DiCola, clearly upset with how things were proceeding had left the building! But hey, you can only hold in a temper-tantrum for so long – timeout doesn’t work for everyone.

So what should we take away from this year’s Convention?

(1) The local Republican Party has been, and will continue to be, in good hands.

(2) DiCola and Greene’s influence in local politics exists only in their minds.

guy faulkes said...

Calling people that disagree with you the Hate Gang only diminishes your own position, Thursday.

The local party is in pretty good shape because they are conservative. This is not so concerning national elections (excepting Ms. Foxx). The conservative base is becoming more and more disenchanted with the party.

There are enough conservative candidates running nationally to keep the party in a state of dieing a lingering death. If the establishment liberal faction is diminished, it might even recover.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the HCP didn't bother to cover the convention and the obvious vote of confidence that was given to the party's nominees.

NewGuy said...

In my judgement - and, for what it's worth - The HCP coverage prior to the convention was fair and didn't seem to advocate for either 'slate'.

The ad "anon" refers to was, perhaps, a little misleading but I doubt that there was any evil intent on the part of HCP.

guy faulkes said...

My point is simply that calling DiCola and Greene the Hate Gang takes substance from any legitimate comment you make concerning their opinions, Thursday. Everything you say is now colored by the appearance of personal animosity and there fore is suspect.

It may be they are alienating themselves from some conservatives as well as many Republicans. They may be ingratiating themselves with another set from which your hate naming tactic may be alienating you.

Sark and I have argued over much the same kind of topics for years concerning conservatives and Republicans; neither of us has felt the need to call the other hateful, to the best of my knowledge.

guy faulkes said...

I am not sure about Blogger editing Thursday's post. If it was done to illustrate that the same ideas could be conveyed without resorting to personal animus, it accomplished its goal.

However, it is not a good idea to put words in another person's mouth. Thursday has a right to communicate in the manner he desires even though Blogger gave him an example of how it should be done.

The point about the blog rules on posting is well taken.

Thursday said...

guy faulkes, Your point about my comments being “colored by the appearance of personal animosity” is well taken. With that said, this forum only conveys words – the way in which printed words are “heard” is subject to the reader’s interpretation.

The amount of time I have spent around DiCola and Greene is measured in minutes, not even hours. There is no possible way I could form personal animosity toward either of them.

Every comment I have made to this blog, our earlier discussion on Vent Page 63 included, has been in support of Conservative unity. I stand firm against the backbiting behavior that is damaging the Conservative Cause. I may have needed to break from this umbrella message in order to make the occasional point, but the mission remained the same.

To suggest that any of my comments are “suspect” is way off base. I have provided facts, quotes, and references all along the way. There is nothing suspect about the truth.

As to the rules of the blog:

When does someone become a “public figure?” Such a description is certainly subjective, though I have to believe achieving “top commenter” status on all local on-line newspapers is a good start. Couple that with Greene’s recent bid for public office, and DiCola’s highly visible politico status, and I think we pass the “public figure” test for a local blog.

If the issue is my “criticizing an identifiable person repeatedly,” then I’m guilty as charged. But if this is the case, we better lay off Obama for a while.

Censored or not, I refuse to back down from my earlier description of DiCola and Greene’s behavior. They will crawl under the lowest of thresholds in order to backbite and attack upstanding Conservatives.

guy, I really do appreciate you standing up for my right “to communicate in the manner I desire.” Some may consider my comments sharp, but they are well researched, thoughtful, and accurate. When did politics become an afternoon tea party – I doubt Margret Thatcher got an invitation.

Now, where is Johnny Rico? Was it not her baseless “the County Commissioners are RINOs” comment that sparked this debate in the first place? I can’t wait to hear how she tries to spin such an accusation into reality.

guy faulkes said...

Rico come and goes. She is sometimes out of the country on business. I cannot answer for her, but if I remember her comments correctly, her problem with the commissioners and the Republicans as a whole, is that they are not aggressive enough to suit her. She believes in carrying the fight to the other side. Hence the RINO statement.

DiCola and Greene have as much right to their opinions as do you, I, or anyone else, Thursday. You think our Republican commissioners are outstanding. I think they are pretty good. DiCola and Greene disagree. So what?

They have not accused the commissioners of being a hate group, to the best of my knowledge.

I do not know when or how you developed your animus for these people. It could have been one comment that caused it.

As you apparently keep up with their comments what do you think of DiCola's stance on early voting not being equitable for rural voters in the county. I agree with it.

I do not believe in party first politics. I beleive in standing up for your convictions. More and more people seem to be moving in this direction. This does not bode well for establishment Republicans or party line Democrats. People that think as I do range from those much less vocal than me to those that are even more passionate than DiCola and Greene. Our numbers are growing on both sides of the political spectrum.

NewGuy said...

As near as I can tell, Dicola shares most of the positions of the Republican party. It's only his priorities and his proposed strategies for achieving the goals that may differ.

For example - I don't know of a single active Republican that doesn't think that the locations of the One Stop Voting sites need to be reexamined with a view toward decentralizing them. Some, like Guy Faulkes, believe that every precinct should be open for early voting. (I would tend to agree but would like to have a better understanding as to the practicality of this). Others think that a few additional sites away from downtown Boone might be sufficient.(which, I believe will be the most likely outcome).

But, none that I have talked to think that keeping 3 One Stop sites in the downtown area is a good idea.

As a practical matter, since the local election board makes that decision, and since that board is currently made up of 2 Dems and 1 Repub, nothing is likely to change until a new board is seated. It is likely that the new board will be appointed this summer and will consist of 2 Repubs and 1 Dem.
As a practical matter, the best time to pursue the decentralizing of One Stop voting will be after the new board is seated.

In the meantime, it's ok if some want to run in circles, screaming and shouting, but,in my opinion, it isn't the most productive use of time.

guy faulkes said...

In the meantime, it's ok if some want to run in circles, screaming and shouting, but,in my opinion, it isn't the most productive use of time.

That is an interesting manner in describing descent with party line politics. If disagreeing with such is "running in circles, screaming and shouting is not productive", (I assume my views would be included in this also) how does one change the status quote?

NewGuy said...

Guy, I am not trying to discourage you from a contrary opinion. I am only trying to make the point that we all seem to agree on the issue, what we disagree on is the placement of that issue on our "priority list" and also our strategy for attaining our objective.

In my opinion, the priority is not high until we near election time - AND, the strategy I would reccomend is to lobby the NEW Board of Elections when they are appointed. The current board is not going to by sympathetic....they recognize the advantage to THEIR Democrat party of keeping the voting sites all concentrated in the liberal leaning town limits.

So...Since we agree on the objective but only differ on the strategy - couldn't we move forward without animosity toward each other? (not you and I, I mean ALL of us who share the objective!)

NewGuy said...

PS to the above comment. I think it was Will Rogers that said:

"I don't belong to any organized political party. I'm a Democrat."

I believe he could have said it about either party!

guy faulkes said...

NewGuy, I do not have any animosity toward anyone with the possible exception of our resident troll. My patience wore out with him.

Thursday said...

guy faulkes,

Rico may have some success in arguing the County Commissioners could do more in the way of “carrying the fight to the other side.” But what “fight” does she want? There needs to be specifics attached to the request.

It is important to note that the absence of certain unnamed actions, does not equate to RINO status.

Furthermore, Rico has no idea what the Conservative Commissioners have in store for the future - savvy politicians keep their cards chested. They do not telegraph their intentions to the opposition.

Speaking of telegraphing strategy to the opposition: DiCola and Greene’s most recent antics are textbook examples of what not to do….

You asked me if I agreed with “DiCola's stance on early voting not being equitable for rural voters.” Of course I agree with this position. The Liberals, who have been in control of the BOE, have catered to Boone and ASU at the expense of rural voters for years – this is obvious.

Also obvious is that the new Republican BOE will right this wrong. But to pass a resolution affirming this public secret, only helps the Liberals. Had this resolution passed, the Liberals would have been on ASU's campus banging their drum of “Republicans don’t want student to vote” the very next day.

DiCola’s position is correct, but his implementation is totally wrong.

Though they may not realize it, DiCola and Greene are a Liberal’s best friend. Their jihad against the local GOP has brought about nothing but negative coverage, which has only served to arm the Liberals. Have you checked Watauga Watch lately?

These two individuals are not concerned with Conservatism; they are only interested in having their way. Their actions have nothing to do with standing up for their convictions, and everything to do with selfishness.

Seeing them turn their backs on the most Conservative politician in the United States, V. Foxx, solidified in my mind the fact that they are beyond reach - much further beyond reach then I had ever expected.

The process of political isolation is complete - they are totally on their own. For this reason, I will not give them another thought. There are other backbiters to deal.

guy faulkes said...

Thursday, I congratulate you on your last post. You got your points across in what I feel is a very effective manner. It indicated disagreement with those you oppose and while it did assign your values to their actions, it did not attack them.

I no longer visit Watauga Watch. It is so heavily censored that it is effectively dead. As someone posted, the conservatives killed it when Mr. Williamson resorted to so much censorship that no one goes there. I think that one would be more effective in conveying an opinion by taping a message on the back of a single bean can in a convenience store than he would in posting on Watauga Watch.

New Guy, I understand your reasoning, but would continue to request your recipe for effecting change in the movement to the left that has been evident in the Republican party for years. Convince me there is a better way than my own.

I will not support a liberal, no matter the party to which he belongs. Many agree with me. If the Republicans lose enough times, they will either return to the base or be replaced. Nothing else has worked.

Anonymous said...

NewGuy, what's your opinion?

NewGuy said...

Anon...It is my opinion that not just any idiot with a grudge can post on an on-line blog.

It takes an idiot with internet access.

Anonymous said...

Victoria Smith doesn't represent any local rural Republicans I know. Are we importing Republicans from Charlotte now?

New Guy, I know you'll defend her experience. How do you defend Foxx edging out a local in preference of a "Republican" from Charlotte?

Anonymous said...

New Guy, and that person could be you.

GMStraight said...

We should publicly implode on the internet. You know, where no one can see it.

Greene pulled a fast one on all of you and proved once again who's in charge. Putting Adams up against Greene is like pulling a tiller with a turtle.

Bull Frog Farting said...

Just wondering. Do you have difficulty in remembering the various names you post under? Do you think it makes your argument more persuasive if you post it under a variety of ID's?

Ned said...

The local Republican Party isn't "in good hands". It's taken over by elitist want-to-be's.

Bull Frog Farting said...

Wow! Another ID! Good job! That makes it look like a whole group of people are posting nutty remarks!

guy faulkes said...

While I do not think the local Republican party is in bad shape, Greene and DiCola have made some interesting points for which they provide examples. This, to me, means they are citing valid opinions.

I do not have to agree with anyone. If I do not, and I feel strongly enough to comment, then I should counter their examples or their logic in using these examples, not attack their opinions on a personal level.

That goes for both sides. This blog has always been so well received because, predominately issues were debated, not personalities.

The Teahadist came back and said...

I don't know what might have happened behind the scenes, but from what I saw at the convention, things are working out okay.

First, DiCola and Greene do make some worthwhile points, but they were the ones that wrecked things when the Tea Party tried to restart last year. Pragmatically, the GOP did well to shut them down at the convention.

Second, under Matt Snyder, the Watauga GOP won elections. We can argue about RINOs and rural voters, but that's the GOP exec's job. I don't know much about Casey or Victoria, but Matt has earned my support for whoever he thinks should be the next exec board.

Finally, thanks to GuyFaulkes for the comment about WataugaWatch. I used to comment regularly there, but I finally got fed up by the censorship and quit. Good to hear it's dying. In fact, hearing that convinced me to start commenting again, but on this blog instead. :)

NewGuy said...

I couldn't agree more, Teahadist! Matt Snyder has probably been the most hard working and most effective chairman in recent times.

I have to also give credit to the dozens of other people who helped him though! From the other officers, the Woman's Club, the Executive Committee,the volunteers, the candidates and all who worked hard to spread the word and to get our candidates elected!

Matt did a great job during a difficult time!

Thanks Matt! Job well done!

Deborah Greene said...

With regard to Tea Party. I went to one Tea Party meeting and there were only 8 people there. The purpose of that meeting was to re-energize the Tea Party that had fallen by the wayside when the 3 ladies that started it resigned. One lady said she was going to try to get it started again. We met and appointed 3 temporary officers. One was the lady that had agreed to get it started, one was an ASU professor and one was another person who had been involved before. None of these officers were the DiColas or myself. In fact, we declined when asked to serve as officers. The group agreed to take on a issue to get people energized and I have no idea what happened after that. I haven't been back. So, one short meeting, with myself and the DiColas included, surely didn't break up the Tea Party. The Tea Party was already broken up.