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Thursday, April 4, 2013

BOC CHAIRMAN MILLER Addresses town of Boone allegations.....

In a letter to the press,(and in addition to the letter from the County Manager) Watauga County Board of Commissioners Chairman gives some additional context and background on the tax reallocation issue.
You can read the letter here at the Watauga Democrat website.

Miller, according to has agreed to mediation but wants all the affected parties there -Boone wanted to meet with just county representatives but Miller, according to, believes that the other municipalities should be represented as well.

The Town has already mailed a plea to appx 17000 Boone residents to contact the County to object to any reallocation. Miller says he doesn't want to spend county taxpayer money on a campaign to influence citizens positions on the matter. Since Boone has actively solicited their citizens to contact the county commissioners in opposition to the reallocation, it is assumed that the commissioners will be receiving a one sided viewpoint.

County residents who support reallocation of sales tax revenues on a more fair basis than at present, can contact commissioners by email at:

Nathan Miller, Chairman:
David Blust:
Billy Kennedy:
John Welch:
Perry Yates:
I would also hope that county residents will let the Boone Town Council know that we all have a stake in how Boone restricts development. Ask them to rescind their ridiculous UDO updates before more damage is done!
Town of Boone Mayor Loretta Clawson:
Town Council Members:
Mayor Protem Jamie Leigh:
Allan Scherlen:


Doug said...

Comrade Clawson and the Boone Central Planning Committee habitually cite the 2030 Master Plan as their guiding light in regards to all things development and growth - Boone’s own Little Red Book if you will.

But what the Boone Planners neglect to mention is that they only look to the 2030 Master Plan when the document supports their decision-making.

Example: Building Height Restrictions

Boone’s 2030 Master Plan suggests buildings be limited to a maximum height of 66 feet in order to appropriately deal with urban sprawl. The current Town Council turns around and approves a maximum building height of 40 feet - a decision that will increase urban sprawl.

I guess the Master Plan isn’t so “Master” after all.

The fact of the matter is, Boone’s decision to kill the sale of the old high school had nothing to do with strict adherence to the 2030 Master Plan, and everything to do with anti-development.

Of course Comrade Clawson could not make this point in her $6,000 taxpayer funded letter writing campaign. Instead she hides behind the faked supremacy of the 2030 Master Plan – The Central Planners had to approve the Affordable Housing Task Force’s recommendations – The Master Plan demanded it!

At present the Boone is putting on the charade of “we are shocked the County is considering reworking sales tax distribution,” but no one is buying this garbage.

Just follow the money: Boone votes to deny Watauga County $20 million in proceeds from the sale of the old high school. Watauga County votes to deny Boone $2 million in sales tax revenue. Pretty simple. Tit-for-tat. No Shock. No Surprise.

The most telling statement found in Comrade Clawson’s letter is this: “Of course, a tax increase would have to be considered."

Of course, of course, of course, we have to raise taxes!

But I’m not sure if Clawson is excited about the prospect or just faking a complaint? The High Command has been raising taxes in Boone for years – the mayor should feel right at home advocating her big government agenda.

What gives Comrade?

Anonymous said...

Boone put Clawson in office. Let them pay the price of her anti-growth agenda!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone here know how much the Town of Boone has spent in lawyer fees in their lawsuit with Templeton?

Johnny Rico said...

How about Miller and the other RINOs address freedom and liberty in Watauga County. Gun owners and hunters have been asking for a right to hunt, fish, trap and shoot law in NC to protect us from the ravages of liberals like Comrade Clawson. All we've gotten for 4 years is silence. I've seen back and forth banter between the RINO Commissioners and the Town Council - nothing more. If the Commissioners aren't able, or willing, to increase my freedoms, then they need voting out. Remember the RINO Commissioners did vote to raise taxes and did nothing to prevent Watauga County Residents from being treated as common criminals by doing nothing more than entering the Watauga County Courthouse. Funny how we have the money to pay deputies to man metal detectors during a fiscal crunch. Not a peep from the RINO Commissioners. Amazing and sad.

Vote the County Commissioners, all of them, out during the next election. They are ROBBING YOU of your liberty.

Your ole pal

Sam Butner

Johnny Rico

Gary Coffey-Rand

Anonymous said...

Did the commissioners restrict hunting or is something else bothering you, JR?

guy faulkes said...

No, but the point Rico is making, Anonymous, is that they have not done anything to protect hunting. This is called being proactive.

Rico believes it is better to be on the offensive than the defensive.

I agree.

Anonymous said...

Guy, JR, I agree. The Town of Boone is ridiculous.

But the BOC is spineless.

What ridiculous, spineless public officials we have!