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Monday, April 22, 2013

Boone's NEW reasoning - "Not enough time for a public meeting!"

After failing to do anything constructive for a month except issue press releases claiming that the BOC is a "BULLY", and that a public meeting would be a "CIRCUS"....Boone's latest ploy is that there is now not enough time left for the necessary notices to be sent out in order to hold a public meeting.

That's probably the first time in NC history that a governing body - after procrastinating for a month or so -  insisted on a secret meeting because there wasn't enough time for an "open meeting" to be held!

Thanks Watauga Democrat for making Boone's latest attempt to cloud the issue available.

It's time for the County Commission to jump off this mary-go-round and get the job completed. Reallocation of the sales taxes as per their recent decision will benefit most Wataugans! Fire Departments will receive appx $800,000 from the reallocation. All taxpayers in Watauga County - including those residing in the town of Boone - will see an increase to the county treasury of about $500,000.00 - an amount that will certainly alleviate at least some of the negative impact to the county taxes that are likely to occur with upcoming reevaluation. Additionally, residents in Beech Mountain, Seven Devils and Blowing Rock will see their town's revenues increase which conceivably will lead to either a reduction in their property taxes, or at least minimize any otherwise anticipated increases.

Yes, Boone will lose about $2 Million in the redistribution - but that impact on town residents will be at least partially offset by the increases to the county and to the fire districts which, presumably will include Boone.


NewGuy said...

"“If the Commissioners think it’s in the best interest of their constituents to redistribute annual sales tax revenue, that’s their choice,” said Clawson."

Well, at least we agree on that!

guy faulkes said...

The Wolf and I discussed this last week. When I told him the advertising limitations would happen, he said the town could not believe they would be held to any timeline restrictions and would shoot themselves in the foot like they did on the water intake issue.

Johnny Rico said...

Hey (P)Rick, do you intend on defending the Boone Town Council over their latest depredation on the public trust? LOL!!! This ought to be interesting..

You ole pal

Clairice Lesman