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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dems Gone Wild....Background checks for dog owners?

It's scary to watch the kind of legislation Dems in Raleigh propose~ watch them carefully -  it's a preview of the kind of laws we might expect to be enacted should they ever regain control of NC Government!

Below from  today's News and Observer
Pit bulls might have a reputation among some as rough, gruff dogs from tough neighborhoods.
But the breed’s advocates are fiercely loyal and quick to fight back against their bad rap sheet – as Rep. Rodney Moore, a Democrat from Mecklenburg County, found out this week. Moore, a small-business consultant who has owned pit bulls, introduced a bill Tuesday that would require anyone taking ownership of the much-maligned dogs to submit to a criminal background check. The proposal also targets Rottweilers, mastiffs, chows, Perro de Presa Canarios and any “wolf hybrids.”

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Johnny Rico said...

Yet another law drummed up by bored liberal socialist sheep designed to do nothing more than control others. Funny how liberals complain the U.S. has the highest per capita prison population, yet they continue to pass unreasonable and oppressive laws!!! Amazing and sad. Any liberals have anything to say about this?

Your ole pal

Craig Dodson-Edwards

Johnny Rico said...

Still waiting on an answer dolts.

Anonymous said...

But it is clearly okay for Republicans to pass legislation dictating who people can marry, that our state should have a state religion, that students cannot register in the town the go to school without their parents financially suffering from it, and that people have to be separated for two years before divorcing....yea, Dems are the ones who have gone wild in this state.

NewGuy said...

Anon....Could you please point me to the legislation that Republicans PASSED concerning state religion, student registration, and 2 years waiting periods for divorce? I try to keep a pretty close eye on what legislation PASSES - I guess I must have missed these.

And, as far as Republicans passing legislation dictating who people can marry - I am guess you mean the constitutional amendment that was voted on by the citizens of North Carolina? You should probably clarify that before people get the impression that Republicans passed something that the citizens didn't want. I know you wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong impression.