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Friday, April 19, 2013


"Repealing the state’s “stand your ground” self-defense law, requiring gun owners to carry liability insurance, conducting universal background checks for all private firearm transfers, limiting the size of ammunition magazines. Those are some of the provisions in a bill filed Wednesday by four House Democrats in a comprehensive gun-control bill that, they acknowledge, has no chance of passing."(See N&O Article)

While even the Dems that introduced the bill have acknowledged that it has no chance of passing, the fact that they continue to entertain placing more and more restrictions on American's 2nd Amendment rights - should serve as a reminder to all of us at election time what they will do if they ever regain control of NC Government!




Anonymous said...

When will the Boone town council meet and pass a resolution supporting this bill?

Johnny Rico said...

While the demoturds are proposing this communist-like legislation, the republitards in the state legislature are bottling up pro-gun bills. Remember when Boone and Blowing Rock voted to illegally take away our Constitutional Rights to carry weapons into area parks? There is a bill to prevent municipalities from doing this, but REPUBLICANS are holding it up!!!! This is why I say RINO Republicans are just as bad a liberal socialist liberals.

Barbara Giglioni

Johnny Rico

Thom Tillson, Phil Burger and "Skip" Stam are most responsible for blockading gun bills from getting a vote in the legislature. Amazing ignorance and incompetence by those who claimed to be conservative. Vote them out and replace with someone else.

Sarkazein said...

guy faulkes said...

On the other hand, pro gun legislation marches on.

Here is a video of the committee meeting. It is about 1.5 hours long.