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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rep. Foxx--Always on the Right Side

Today, it was revealed that another $700,000,000 has gone missing in Katrina disaster funds. Soon after Katrina, we revealed that more money was being ripped off than was being stolen in Iraq. Representative Foxx, along only eleven representatives, had refused to sign onto the relief money until careful oversight and safeguards were put into the bill.

You will recall that for taking that stand, the left lost it. The Daily Kos named her under the title "Who is the worst person in the House? Another asked if she was Corrupt? Crazed? Or Both? Still, another called her a member of the 11 KKK caucus. And on and on. And unless someone corrects me, I think our local liberals weighed in with guns blasting.

But she was right then and she still is.


Wolf's Head said...

I commend Representative Foxx for not voting for the relief bill. She was absolutely right about there being no accountability.

I had a long argument at the local leftist hate site about her not voting for the bill, saying that there would be massive abuse.

We were tight, and the lefties aren't even upset about hundreds of millions of dollars not providing the relief for the victims.

There should be charges and prosecutions over this.


Johnny Rico said...

Foxx is right. She's been doing better since the infamous Blowing Rock Land Trade. During Hurrican Katrina, police confiscated guns from law abiding gun owners and never gave them back. Some of the very gun owners who had their weapons illegally confiscated were later killed by criminals. Nothing like disarming someone and then having them die because you disarmed them. Typical approach for liberal sheep.

NewGuy said...

JR...Consider also that they are currently pushing for gun registration and snickering that anyone who thinks that the government would want to take away your guns is just being ridiculous.

From BBC News ( )

"Mr Obama also said some gun rights advocates deliberately "ginned up fears" that the government planned to confiscate guns in order to bolster opposition to new restrictions. But he said those fears did not reflect reality and he pleaded with gun owners to set their peers straight."