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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sales Tax Redistribution Passes County Commission

By a 3 to 2 vote along party lines, the Board of County Commissioners tonight passed the resolution changing the sales tax distribution from a per capita basis to ad valorem. Opponents argued that such a change would "penalize" the 17,000 + residents of Boone. They apparently didn't figure out that failure to pass it would penalize the 34,000 county residents who do NOT live in Boone and who are paying higher property taxes in their locales because the town of Boone has received an unfair allocation under the per capita method.

Welch and Kennedy each argued that they didn't like Chairman Miller having any discussions with representatives from the other towns without all commissioners being present. Under questioning from Miller however, they each admitted that they had in fact had discussions of their own with members of the Boone Town Council.

The resolution, as passed, will not be submitted to Raleigh until the last day possible for it to be effective this upcoming fiscal year. This is to allow Boone an opportunity to back off their position that they will only meet in a private meeting with no observers present. Miller (an attorney himself) and County Attorney Eggers have each made clear that NC Law prohibits the private meeting that Boone insists on.


NewGuy said...

Meanwhile, at the Town Council meeting in Boone, the town has again offered to meet "in closed session" with the county. They are now apparently taking the position that each party should designate a representative or two to speak for the body and thus avoid the requirements of the NC Open Meetings law.

Commissioners at the county meeting made it quite clear that they would, under no circumstances, meet in a private session to discuss the public's business.

guy faulkes said...

It is no wonder Boone does not like sunshine laws. After all, sunshine helps kill corruption and slime.

I am saddened at the vote of the Democrat commissioners. It is hilarious that Miller exposed their "do as I say not as I do" hypocrisy, however.

Wolf's Head said...

Good for Miller!!

The hypocrisy of the democrats is astounding. It also shows that they are more concerned for the Town of Boone fascist makeover than for the county residents that they are supposed to represent.

NewGuy said...

Wolf...they clearly weren't even attempting to represent the county residents who DON'T live in Boone town limits! Kennedy, of course, is going to vote with his (and his wife's) friends in town government. I did have SOME hopes that Welch might vote to support county residents for a change!

Naive of me, I know.

The ambivalent Teahadist said...

But the people in Boone live in Watauga County too. What's the crime in representing those people?

It seems to me that it all worked out in proper democratic fashion--a diverse set of people had their interests debated through their representatives, and in the end, a majority reached a decision.

The commissioners' choice to hold off on posting the change to Raleigh also seems like an act of good faith, keeping the possibility of negotiation open. All in all, a good day for the County Commission.

guy faulkes said...

The people in Boone are being represented on the county level in the sales tax issue at least as well as the residents of the other towns have been in the past. The argument that they are county residents that are being treated unfairly is invalid as it applies equally to county residents in other towns depending on the distribution system used..

Anonymous said...

Before the redistribution Boone brought in roughly 65% of sales tax collected and received 24% in distribution. Now they will get half of that. Sounds fair right? Horsing all that money.

Reader said...

I call it distributing the wealth!

guy faulkes said...

Anonymous, Where did the people live that spent the money?

Yes, it seems very fair.

Anonymous said...

Boone is the heart of Watauga County. This area is too good for a few powerful to fight like this. This isn't about normal people in the town or county. We've caught the uncivil bug that plagues DC, and thats a shame. This area deserves better than this. Stop the fighting and backroom deals and work it out.

And God bless Boston. Our prayers are with those good people.

guy faulkes said...

Of course this is about normal people. Who do you think has been shortchanged by Boone using students that pay no property taxes to inflate the municipal population, thereby getting it a larger share of the sales tax monies than do the other municipalities and county (most of the residents of which do pay property tax as well as sales tax)?

Boone had the system in place that most benefited it for yeas. It is only fair that the other system be used for a while, even without the issue of the odious regulations perpetuated by the Town of Boone being considered.

You are certainly correct that the back room deals that Boone wants to conduct in an illegal closed meeting should be curtailed.

NewGuy said...

Anon 5:59. I don't challenge your assertion that Boone collects 65% of "all sales taxes"...(I presume you mean of all sales taxes collected in Watauga county). The figure seems entirely reasonable to me considering that Boone is the main business district and is the "market place" in which most of us shop. I would however, like to know your source. My guess is that it is from the statement of the Boone Town Council as reported in the Watauga Democrat.

This same article asserts - as you do, that Boone receives only 24% of the distribution. This is a very misleading figure!

Boone actually receives 91%$ of all the sales taxes distributed to the municipalities in Watauga county (under the per capita system), Under an ad valorem system, Boone would still receive over 43% of the sales taxes allocated for the towns.

Keep in mind the dollars that are allocated for use by county government benefit all residents of the county - both inside and outside town limits. Boone residents all access and benefit from county services.