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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sen. Mike Lee on Gun Control, Immigration and Internet Sales Tax

We need to start on the areas where there’s the most broad-based, bipartisan consensus. There is broad-based, bipartisan consensus for border-security enhancement, the modernization of our visa structure, for the completion of a long-overdue exit and entry system… I think we could get bills passed on all three of those items and do it relatively quickly.

When you tie those issues up and hold them hostage, saying we’re not going to pass any of those unless we simultaneously pass something that aims to legalize 11 million people… you run into some problems.

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Johnny Rico said...

This once great country needs to deport all illegal aliens. We already did this during the Eisenhower Administration to great effect. Now, the sheeple of this nation don't care one way or another; sort of like high gas prices, gun control, loss of freedom, and out of control spending. People just don't care. It'll take something big to wake up the sheeple masses - something like a flu pandemic or economic collapse. Unfortunately the resulting chaos may well end freedom and liberty before the ship can right itself.

Carolyn McArther