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Friday, April 12, 2013

Those Who Don't Remember History Are Condemned To Repeat It

Thanks Guy Faulkes for bringing this compelling  Documentary (Click Here) to our attention! It's about 42 minutes  long but it's well worth your time to watch!

Obama is ridiculing the idea that government might use gun registration as a first step to confiscating all firearms - but all we have to do is look back to New Orleans a few years ago when they went door to door confiscating all firearms after Katrina! Meanwhile liberals are trying to turn the argument into whether or not one needs certain firearms for HUNTING! The Second Amendment is NOT about hunting.....and it doesn't guarantee individual NEEDS, it guarantees RIGHTS!

Watch this video and decide for yourself!

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Johnny Rico said...

It looks like Richard Burr has double crossed Watauga County voters once again. The first time was during the infamous Blowing Rock Land Grab in which he defrauded local sportswomen out of land and now he is bringing out Constitutional Rights up for a vote!! Vote this ignoramus out of office before his RINO @ss does anymore damage to my Constitution.