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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Towns of Beech Mtn, B. Rock and Seven Devils want sales tax reallocated!

The town councils of Beech Mountain, Blowing Rock and Seven Devils unanimously passed resolutions Tuesday supporting the county's proposal to change the sales tax distribution method.

They also agreed to keep only 40 percent of the increased revenue they will receive if the switch occurs, giving the other 60 percent to Watauga County to prevent it from losing money as a result of the change.

The Watauga County Board of Commissioners now has until the end of April to decide whether it wants to switch the distribution method. If approved, the town of Boone would likely receive millions less next fiscal year. (See Kellen Moore's article in WatDem)
See also Resolution from Town Of Blowing Rock 

 "Whereas, the Town of Blowing Rock is a municipal subdivision and body politic of the State of North Carolina located in Watauga and Caldwell counties; and
Whereas, N.C. Gen. Stat. 105-472 provides for the allocation of sales tax between cities and counties within North Carolina; and
Whereas, N.C. Gen Stat. 105-472(b) allows a Board of County Commissioners to determine, on a yearly basis, whether such allocations is made on a per capita distribution or an ad valorem distribution; and
Whereas, for a number of years, Watauga County has distributed sales tax revenues on a per capita basis to the towns and cities within Watauga County; and
Whereas, the distribution of sales tax on a per capita basis has resulted in an inequitable share of the sales tax revenues being distributed to one municipality to the disadvantage of the towns of Blowing Rock, Beech Mountain and Seven Devils; and
Whereas, the Town of Blowing Rock acknowledges that Watauga County would potentially lose revenue under this change were it not assisted by the municipalities in supporting this change in the distribution of sales tax revenues; and
Whereas, the Town of Blowing Rock is willing to assist Watauga County in addressing its financial needs upon the relocation of sales tax revenues to an ad valorem method from a per capita method; and
Whereas, the Town of Blowing Rock appreciates its good working relationship with Watauga County and the ability of the Town and County to address issues within the community to the mutual benefit of the citizens of both the Town of Blowing Rock and Watauga County.
Now therefore, be it resolved by the Town Council of the Town of Blowing Rock, North Carolina as follows:
        That the Town of Blowing Rock supports and encourages Watauga County Board of Commissioners to adopt and pass a resolution altering the distribution of sales tax revenues between Watauga County and the municipalities from a per capita method to an ad valorem method.
        That the Town of Blowing Rock is willing to commit to Watauga County that upon the reallocation of sales tax revenues to an ad valorem method that the Town of Blowing Rock will provide, as part of its budgetary process, an amount equal to sixty percent (60 percent) of the increase in gross revenues accruing to the Town over and above the amount which would have otherwise been realized under the per capita method, to costs and expenditures as requested by Watauga County.

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