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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Poor Holder. Has he had a recent concussion?


Sarkazein said...

He is as low an information "leader" as Obama. He doesn't even know what he, himself, did until he reads it in the Washington Post. Low information leaders supported by low information voters. Airheads unite as one.

Sarkazein said...

Perhaps THESE INTERROGATORS should question Holder

guy faulkes said...

Sark, this kind of thing makes one wish for an older, more civilized time in which one's mouth and actions could run up a bill that his butt has to pay for. When "educators" torture a five year old until he wets himself, it is time for some "educators" to have their butts kicked until their nose bleeds.

It does not matter that the entire reason for conducting the interrogation is ludicrous. It is a matter of child abuse on the part of the school.

It is a shame an "educator" cannot face a criminal charge of something like excessive force. Child abuse SHOULD be a viable criminal charge.

Maybe a civil law suite is coming.

Sorry for diverting the thread. Holder may be asked to resign, but nothing else will happen to him. He knows where to many bodies are buried to take a fall without a pardon.

Sarkazein said...

GuyFaulkes- You are right. These "interrogators" of the 5 year old need some old fashion justice. I hope they get it. I also hope their names and pictures are made public.

Sarkazein said...

Before the Liberal scourge had ruined this land, a teacher would take away something you weren't suppose to have at school and put it in a drawer. At the end the year she would give it back or your parents could come and get it.