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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Voter Fraud is easy to do....not so easy to find when you don't bother to look for it!

 The existing law is clear - in order to vote, one must be a "permanent resident" of the community. Democrats have long controlled NC Boards of Elections and it is not uncommon for this law to be ignored! A recent challenge by a Pasquotank County citizen - a minority member of that county's Board of Elections - acting as a private citizen, challenged 60 recent voters in that county.

 60 voters challenged in Pasquotank County......57 of these found to have committed voter fraud - including at least one non-citizen! See article here

From the Article:

Anyone that has brought a challenge before a local board of elections knows that it is not a simple or easy
process. In order to challenge a voter in North Carolina, the challenge can only be made if the challenger “knows, suspects or reasonably believes” a person is not “qualified and entitled to vote.” (NCGS 163-85). In addition, the law puts the burden of proof on the challenger, who must present evidence. Furthermore,
NCGS 163-90.1 provides that challenging a voter or a ballot is not to be made indiscriminately and that “no challenge shall be sustained unless the challenge is substantiated by affirmative proof.”
Meeting these requirements makes the outcome of the April 18 Pasquotank County Board of Elections (BOE) hearing examining 60 voter registration challenges even more surprising.
Richard “Pete” Gilbert, the county GOP chairman — who was acting only as a citizen of the county — brought the voter registration challenges before the local BOE.
The outcome – 57 of the 60 challenges were sustained – means that 57 voters were found to have committed voter fraud. In other words, the board decided that the evidence Mr. Gilbert provided proved that those voters did not live where they said they lived when they voted in November 2012. Maybe even more troubling is that 52 of these voters could not be located at all, as their first-class mail was returned “undeliverable.”

See entire article here

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