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Thursday, May 16, 2013

When Catalogs Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Catalogs...

 While we still have one NC student awaiting trial for the terrible crime of calling his parents to retrieve his shotgun from his pickup truck which was overheard by school officials and dutifully expelled the student and reported it to the police....we now have a case where New Hanover County School officials have reported a student for the crime of reading a catalog while on the school bus!  The student's father, Stanley Wardrip  was notified by the school resource officers.

Wardrip says his son was reading a sportsman catalog while on the school bus. He says his son was not looking at the
magazine in class, but some other students were talking about it. When the teacher overheard, she called the principal, who notified the resource officer, Wardrip said.

Just in case our Watauga Board of Education is considering applicants from New Hanover county for the vacant Watauga Supt of Schools position - let's hope they, at least, cross New Hanovers Asst Supt Rick Holliday off any list of potential candidates!

When questioned by media about the catalog incident, Holliday is alleged to have stated that it was "in the discretion of each (school) employee to determine what is appropriate reading material".


See WWAY's report here....


Anonymous said...

We don't seem to allow common sense in our schools either!

Johnny Rico said...

Hardly surprising. This state is not far away from becoming a blue state. There are enough liberal transplant sheep in places like Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte, and Watauga County to easily create a liberal wonderland of failed policies, political correctness, and big government. The exact "wonderland" the idiots tried to escape from when they moved here!!!! With a RINO legislature in session that just wants the gun and immigration issue to go away, we are not a very red state like we once were. Instead of putting power in the hands of the people where it belongs, the RINO legislature in many ways reminds me of the Demoturds who ruled for nearly a century. I'm not happy with the usual status quo mentality we are getting from RINO NC Congressmen. They might not be taking rights away like Demoturds, but they aren't giving any back which is just as bad. This state is down the tubes as is the nation. You'd better be getting ready for socialism folks, because it's coming. No one to blame but apathetic conservatives and RINO Republicans who care more about winning elections than handing us more power.

Speaking of the gun issue, with all the companies moving out of blue states like Colorado, NY, and Maryland, I felt sure our state would reach out and welcome these companies similar to the way Texas did. Not a peep. I do understand an ammo company may come here, but that was of their own accord. We have many abandoned textile factories that would be perfect for a gun company. Than again we have Thom Tillison, "Skip" Stam, and Phil Berger - 3 RINOs who say the gun issue "doesn't poll well" so why should we expect them to invite companies and jobs into the state? Republicans are just as much the problem as Demoturds. Vote them all out and replace.