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Friday, July 19, 2013

FOUR New Candidates file in Boone Race....


Assuring an interesting election, 4 candidates filed today for the Boone Town Council and Mayoral positions. Among those filing at the election office today was Mark Templeton - long a target of the Boone Politboro. Jeff's entrance into the race is sure to begin a firestorm of activity from the far left leadership of the local Democrat party.

You Go, Mark!

corrected earlier version of this post incorrectly identified JEFF Templeton as a candidate.. It should have read MARK Templeton


Anonymous said...

I am glad that there will be some choices. I know that many local Democrats are fed up with the extreme liberal ways of the local Dem leadership and are anxious to vote for a more moderate town council.

My hope is that the new candidates won't go too far the other way, which would turn off the moderate Democrats and Unaffiliateds.

Anonymous said...

MARK Templeton filed, not Jeff, and Matthew Long is a liberal.

Anonymous said...

If Mena truly cared about serving the town he would have filed for Council after his last Mayoral run. Nothing but a devils advocate.

Anonymous said...

I am excited for Harmon, a true conservative!

Anonymous said...

The good news is that we will have some fresh faces on the Boone town council. Let's just hope those new faces aren't going to be controlled by the same old puppetmasters.

USS Rodger Young said...

Status quo as usual. We heard the same about Watauga County Commissioners a few years ago, and they turned out to be a disappointment. Nothing to see here folks, move along......

NewGuy said...

I had hoped to hear Nobody and Thursday share their opinions on these candidates. Both of these posters seem to be quite knowledgeable about the goings-on in Boone and it would be good to hear their thoughts.

Thursday said...


I’m sure you know the Boone Town Council races are nonpartisan. In light of this fact, I find myself less concerned with Party affiliation, and instead focused on defeating the local liberal establishment.

In my opinion:

Andy Ball wins the Mayoral race – a disgusting thought but a likely reality.

John Mena’s 2009 “campaign” for Mayor consisted of him “throwing his name into the hat,” and letting the chips fall where they may – not a winning strategy.

Should Mena decide to really campaign this go around, he may have an outside chance. But Brad Harmon entering the race cut Mena’s slim chances in half.

As far as I can tell, Harmon is just pissed off at the Boone Central Planners (I'm sure for good reason.) Of course the same could be said for most every business/property owner in the town. But I do not consider Harmon a serious candidate at this time - I hope he proves me wrong.

I am excited about the “Republican” or “anti-liberal establishment” candidates!

Matt Long, James Milner and Mark Templeton are all:

Relatively Young
Pro Business
Pro Appalachian

They each work in real estate and/or development.

And, best of all…

None have ties to Pam or JW Williamson.

Given the absolute ineptitude of the Boone Central Planners, these three Town Council candidates have a fighting chance.

But they are going to have to work their butts off, and they are going to need serious support from the local Republican Party.

If I were in a position to advise, I would tell these men to focus on campus – this is the Liberal’s ENTIRE campaign strategy year in and year out.

The Liberals will spend 90-95% of their time and money on campus. (See NC State Board of Election’s website for Watauga Democrat’s 2010 and 2012 campaign finance reports.)

Plain and simple, Long, Milner, and Templeton must court the student vote if they want to win. These candidates must be willing to fight in the Liberal's backyard. Doing otherwise costs them the election.

But winning on campus should be an easier task then in years past, given the Boone Central Planner's anti-ASU, anti-student, anti-development actions.

In summation, we have three great Town Council candidates, but they must work hard to win.

In closing, two predictions:

(1) The Liberals will make a big deal about Phil Templeton’s son running for office.

(2) Conservative purists will criticize the “Republican” candidates, though most of these keyboard-cowards live outside of Boone and thus cannot vote for or against these men.

Anonymous said...

Ball is a better alternative to Mason. No doubt about it.