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Friday, July 19, 2013

Governor McCrory Visits Boone

NC Governor Pat McCrory stopped off for a "meet and greet" at Boone's Mellow Mushroom earlier today. McCrory mingled for about an hour with a group inside the restaurant, posing for photographs with those who wanted one and shaking hands with the dozens of people in the restaurant.

The governor stopped and talked to most members of the gathered crowd before sitting down in a corner booth with local officials including County Commissioner Perry Yates, Boone Mayor Loretta Clawson, Blowing Rock Mayor
JB Lawrence and others.

Meanwhile, outside the restaurants a few of the reliably wacko local left wingers gathered to give "the finger " to McCrory supporters who were entering the restaurant. Some, apparently a little confused as to what they were protesting, were shouting "Shame on Obama" while others carried homemade signs supporting their perceived right to kill babies at will as long as they are still within the birth canal.

Thank you, governor. We enjoyed your visit and we are particularly enjoying your governorship! We appreciate what you are accomplishing for North Carolina!


Anonymous said...

Not that I disagree with you on most of this post. I was there in support of our Governor. But the protestors weren't yelling Shame on Obama. They were yelling Shame on You.

NewGuy said...

When McCrory arrived, some were shouting "Shame on Obama". When he was leaving, they were shouting "Shame on you". (along with other things)

Perhaps some were 'educated' while McCrory was eating lunch?

Anonymous said...

No. I was there out front when McCrory arrived. They were yelling Shame on You. It was completely out of line.

USS Rodger Young said...

I'm not a fan of RINO McCrory. He was instrumental in defeating pro-gun bill 937. The fact he was eating lunch with liberal socialists Loretta Clawson and J.B. Lawerence is proof enough this clown is a dyed in the wool RINO out for nothing more than POWER.

NewGuy said...

HB 937 has not been defeated. It is currently in the joint conference committee.
My bet is that it will be passed next week.

HappyAppy said...

@ NewGuy…let's hope so!

guy faulkes said...

NewGuy, 937 will probably be passed, but the question is how much will it be watered down. It is my understanding that the N.C. Sheriff's Association was able to get McCrory to threaten to veto the bill if it did away with their Jim Crow powers. I understand that not only will this subjective and racist procedure remain on the books, it will even get more odious.

Who knows what other changes will be made to 937?

If this kind of thing continues. then it is very likely that the Democrats will retake the state. If a lot of incumbents are not overturned in the primaries, I have already heard of people saying there is no use to vote if there is going to be no difference in the two parties. This liberal lite attitude killed the Republican party nationally (at least as far as Presidential races are concerned)and it seems it will do so on the state level.

NewGuy said...

I suppose that no matter how many candles get lit, there will always still be some darkness to be cursed!

I will be disappointed, (but not surprised) if the sheriff's approval process remains in force. I disagree with any official having this "yay or nay" authority of what is supposed to be a constitutional right.

On the other hand, I am not ready to vote out Republicans who have made significant progress in this area in order to see Democrats elected who would, if able to, probably eliminate private gun ownership entirely.

Politics is a process. You don't always get everything you want but I believe we should accept our gains when we can get them and then go back into the arena and fight for more!

Anonymous said...

Anna Oakes claims in the Watauga Democrat that there were about 30 protestors at the McCrory event. Photos and other report claim about a dozen.

USS Rodger Young said...

governor mccrory (notice lower case) is a traitor. The fact he supports a Jim Crow era law showcases his racism. Vote mcrory out as well as the rest of the merry cast of RINO characters. The republitards HAVE NOT increased freedoms or done much of anything since I helped elect the wretched bunch. I'd rather have a know enemy in office rather than a bunch of pandering, compromise oriented so-called conservatives who have not an ounce of guts between them.

Johnathan Jordan and Dan Souchek are excluded in this scathing assessment of RINOs. Both attempted to increase my freedoms through doing away with zoning laws and preventing a city (Boone) from destroying the New River. Those two need to stay. The rest need to go.

Jus' Sayin' said...

I believe most THINKING people would have been more likely to worry about their wallets AFTER he got elected.

guy faulkes said...

McCrory is indeed a part of the problem in passing 937.

If this bill does not pass this year, then I predict the Dems will retake the legislature. The Republican dealership bottled up the prior version of restaurant carry in committee during the previous legislative session and appears to be doing it again.

I am hearing more and more people saying if Republicans act just like Democrats, then there is no use in voting.

NewGuy said...

That makes a lot of sense. The Republicans have passed the Castle Doctrine and eliminated provisions against carrying in state parks and other locations;. They are likely this week to pass a bill eliminating several other restrictions previously imposed by Democrats.

Yet, Guy Faulkes, you would rather complain about what they have NOT accomplished?

If Democrats had their way, they would probably impose Chicago style gun restrictions on all NC Citizens. But some "conservatives" would apparently prefer to give up their second amendment rights to these liberals because they didn't get 100% of everything they wanted from the Republicans?

Sure, makes sense to me.

Let's hope the provisions giving county sheriff's veto rights over your right to purchase a handgun is eliminated and that 937 passes with all the provisions that you want. But let's not forget that it was Democrats who are responsible for putting those restrictions in place to begin with.

guy faulkes said...

The Republicans did pass the Castle Doctrine which was a watered down version of the original bills. They were elected to make these changes, NewGuy.

One of them used a version of your argument that they had passed more pro-gun legislation than had been done in the last 100 years. My friend told hm that his statement was certainly true, but he failed to realize that the Republicans had a majority for the first time in 100 years because of gun owners and he was only doing what he was elected to do.

One of the items stripped for the Castle Doctrine bill was restaurant carry. This was because the establishment Republican leadership said it did not poll well. They made this decision after Elon published a push poll that was full of :have you quit beating your wife " questions. It scared he leadership to death.

Restaurant carry was presented as a stand alone bill. It was bottled up in committee. After pressure from the public forced a discharge petition the leadership put it in another committee to allow the legislature to adjourn before the bill could receive a vote.

Many knowledgeable gun rights activists feel that the pistol permit issue was added by the senate as a poison pill to allow the legislature to use the same tactic of delaying a vote on the entire bill in order to kill it by not voting on it.

If so, it will be interesting to see if this tactic works due to the enormous pressure being put on the legislature.

I personally do not think the gun rights organization have a problem with most Republican members of the legislature. The problem is with the leadership. The only way to influence the leadership is through the members. This is why the members will be challenged. The legislature has to change to get the leadership back to the base.

It might interest you to know that Jordan and Soucek are considered two of your most pro-gun legislators. I hope a stay home and do not vote campaign does not hurt them if it indeed comes. When I refuse to support either candidate, it is because neither of them are worthy of support. I always support those that support me and my beliefs, regardless of political affiliation.

NewGuy said...

Then by all means we shouldn't suport anyone who only gets 80% of what we ask for. Much better to give it back to the Dems and let them take away what our legislature has accomplished over the past 3 years...MUCH of it over the veto of Governor Dumplin' Perdue!

For me, I will continue to work for the Republican candidates who offer NC the best choice for responsible government. Not always the perfect choice, I admit - but the best of the avaiilable alternatives.

Most of the local Republican politicians know where I stand on most issues - and they know that I do not agree with them on many issues - but, they also know that I will continue to support them until a BETTER alternative presents itself. That alternative is not likely to be a liberal Democrat who wants to raise my taxes, restrict my rights, buy liberal votes with my tax dollars and attempt to eliminate capitalism and a free market.

I thank God and the Republican legislature for the gains we have made in the past 3 years - I expect the trend to continue as long as we keep electing Republicans.

guy faulkes said...

Maybe you ask for different things than I do, NewGuy; or maybe we assign different importance to those things. In any caw, I do not like and do not support straight party affiliation as it leads to the condition we have currently. This condition is the leadership thwarting the will of their constituents and many of their party peers through legislative skullduggery in order to benefit themselves.

Maintaining the status quote may be good for the leadership, but it may hurt the other legislators and the party itself.

What do you do to bring about "a BETTER alternative"? The only way I know to do it is to vote my convictions (or not vote as the case may be).

Nothing else has worked for over forty years. Going with the flow merely increases the flow and the lesser of two evils is still evil.

NewGuy said...

I don't see it as a matter of straight party affiliation as much as I see it as supporting those candidates who come closest to what I want. Because some are not perfect does not mean that I will walk away from the battle and concede to those candidates who are basically opposing most of what I believe in.

I don't see it as a "lesser of evils" thing....I see it as supporting those who will support most of what I want. There is not a Republican in local politics with whom I agree 100% (and, I guarantee you that all of them know exactly where I disagree with them). I will not, however, stand back and watch while the liberals regain power and work against all of the things that I support.

I supported HB 937 when it was introduced; I supported it when the House passed it, AND I supported it when the Senate added the provisions to eliminate local Sheriff's approvals. I hope that it passes WITH the senate provisions but, if it doesn't, I will still be supporting the expansion of rights as contained in the original bill.

It was over 100 years without Republican control of the legislature. I am not willing to sit back and withold my vote in order to allow the liberals to take over for another hundred years simply because I didn't get 100% of everything I wanted from the Republicans.

You, of course, control your own vote and are certainly entitled to cast it or withhold it as you see fit. To me however, making improvements in NC gun laws is not a "lesser evil" just because it isn't everything I might want.

guy faulkes said...

You miss the point, NewGuy. I do not have to get everything I want. I demand to have a chance to get what I want when the leadership thwarts the will of its constitutes and the majority vote of its own party in order to feather its own nest. Not bringing something to the floor that overwhelmingly passed both houses is certainly an example of the behavior of which I speak.

The only way I know to fulfill my demand is to get rid of the leadership so I ma proceeding as I think best to do so.

I have to tell you that I am far from the only person that feels as I do or that uses my tactics.

NewGuy said...

I'm now not sure what bill you are referring to, Guy. I thought we were talking about HB937 which passed the house and went to the senate...was amended by the senate and returned to the house...WAS VOTED ON BY THE HOUSE and rejected by an overwhelming margin and is currently in conference committee where, it is hoped, an agreement will be reached and voted on this week.

I'm not sure what bill you refer to when you talk about "not bringing ( a bill) to the floor".

guy faulkes said...

i was referring to Bill 111 that was killed in committee in the senate during the last session by Apodaca, a Republican. It was the restaurant carry bill.

Prior to that another restaurant carry bill was killed in committee by Ross, a Democrat.

937 stands a good chance of dieing in committee, due to Tillis.

I am trying to show thee is no difference in the establishment leadership of the two parties. It is no less odious when one side does it than when does the the side.

If there is no difference and both sides are not worthy of support then there is no reason to support either party.

guy faulkes said...

NewGuy, I told you I had heard rumblings about discontent with the Republican leadership over 937. It is about to become a roar.

I told you I was not the only person that felt this way. The base is sick of being ignored by the leadership.