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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

(Virginia) FOXX and FRIENDS - The upcoming race for US SENATE

The NC race for the US Senate is still a long ways off and it's a little early to be picking 'favorites'. Most North Carolinians are tired of the political games and pandering politics of Democrat Kay Hagan whose US Senate seat is considered to be one of the most likely to go Republican in 2014. But which Republican.

At this point NC House speaker Thom Tillis and Cary physician Greg Brannon - a Tea Party favorite - have announced their intent to run. NC Senate leader Phil Berger is rumored to be interested and says he will decide sometime after the end of July. Raleigh nurse Renee Elmers - who is on her second term as a US Congresswoman, is also rumored to be in the running.

Finally - we come to our own Virginia Foxx - considered by many conservatives as the best of all the possible choices.

Personally, I have doubts that Ms Foxx will run - she is in a good leadership position in the US House of Representatives; she is extremely popular with the majority of voters in her district and is almost guaranteed a return to the House of Representatives should she decide to remain in her current position.  I can think of no one currently in politics that I admire and support more than our Congresswoman; Should she decide to run for the US Senate I will give her all my support.

Assuming she doesn't run however, and looking at the currently potential field - it's going to be an interesting race. I have met Thom Tillis a couple of times and have had a couple of short conversations with him. I don't claim to "know" him, but I do like what I have seen. On the other hand, he is considered by many to be too much of a moderate and is probably vulnerable to an attack from his right.Should he survive the primaries and be our candidate, I expect he will win - but there are more conservative candidates out there.

 I think I may have been a little quick to discount Greg Brannon. I don't think he has the visibility or the funding behind him that he will need for a US Senate race. On the other hand, he is growing in both visibility and popularity - it's likely that fund raising will improve as his campaign gains traction. At any rate, I would suggest that conservatives take a good hard look at him. He may be just what we need!


guy faulkes said...

If bill 037 does not come up for a concurrence vote, Tillis can kiss the primary good bye. His delay in bringing it to the floor is costing him greatly among Second Amendment activists. If these people and those that side with them will not support Tillis, he is done for, not even counting the many people that think he is to moderate (and arrogant) about other issues.

To a lesser extent, Berger has the same problem with gun owners.

I agree that Foxx is almost certain to retain her seat in the House, oh how I would like to see her in the Senate. Liberals having to deal with her in the House is entertaining enough, but can you imagine what would happen the Senate?

guy faulkes said...

Should be Bill 937. I am not doing to good. Maybe I need a nap.

Thursday said...

Rev. Mark Harris of Charlotte is also considering a bid for the US Senate. As I understand it, a Draft Committee has been formed to encourage Dr. Harris to run.

If the Draft Committee convinces Dr. Harris to run, I bet he officially jumps into the race late summer.

Dr. Harris was a major player in the effort to pass NC's Marriage Amendment. I have to believe this is one of reasons why he is being courted to run for US Senate.

I wonder why Debra Greene, Watauga County's self appointed Marriage Amendment guru, hasn't been courted in such a fashion?

Guy Faulkes mentions Tillis' arrogance - I have read and hear about his poor attitude toward constituents and other House members as well.

Many folks living in his district are fighting mad about his HOT Lane project.

There is also the issue of his public spats with other lawmakers (Larry Pitman.)

While I appreciate all he has accomplished as Speaker, I'm not comfortable with Tillis for US Senate.

Dr. Brannon certainly peaks my interest. Can he raise the money needed to win a US Senate race?

Dr. Harris, should he decide to run, must prove he can speak to fiscal issues, not just social/moral issues. I think his leadership in the fight to protect traditional marriage helps him (the amendment passed by 60% just two years ago.) He already has a strong grass roots network in place.

I too doubt V. Foxx enters the race.

All this should make for an interesting GOP primary.

Johnny Rico said...

Phil Berger and Thom Tillis are RINOs. Both have held back pro-gun bills in the NC Legislature because they didn't "poll well". I didn't elect representatives to represent based on how something polls. Vote Tillis and Berger out.

Don't know much yet about Brannon the Tea Party favorite. If he is pro-gun and ready to crash into the US Senate like a bull in a China Shop then I'll vote for him.

If he is like the Watauga County Commissioners and DOES NOTHING, then I'll campaign against him. 99% of politicians are worthless, and most need to be voted out for no other reason than they are politicians.

Tina Monte

Johnny Rico

Johnny Rico said...

Thom Tillis and Phil Berger and Skip Stam are at it again. Bill 937 which would've done away with pistol permits has been weakened via pressure from the NC Sheriff's Association (Sheriff Hagaman supports Jim Crow era pistol permits).

Thom Tillson, Skip Stam and Phil Berger have capitulated on our gun rights once again. These RINO republitards were elected to fight for our rights. Instead, they cave to very little pressure by the ultra liberal, ultra left wing Sheriff's Association. In other words, they traded YOUR rights for political expediency. Typical for the current RINO legislature.

Reminds me of the Watauga County Commissioners. Status quo politics will rob you of your freedoms just as well as a full fledged liberal assault. Vote the Watauga County Commissioners out of office and replace immediately. There is NO difference between republitards in the Watauga County Commission or in the NC Legislature. They are all timid, afraid and UNWILLING to fight for your Constitutional Rights.

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Johnny Rico said...

The pistol permit process in NC is based on your moral character. The Sheriff has the power to short stop YOUR pistol permit through expansive paperwork requirements for whatever reason he/she wants. How's that for liberty folks. Do you feel free yet? Thursdum and Nobody, care to weigh in on how well the RINO Commissions and Legislature are at keeping you free? That's what I thought.

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

PS Watauga County Commissioners - for the 237th time - can you name ONE instance in which you've increased the freedoms of Watauga County residents? Too busy trying to raise taxes (like the liberals you are) to do that. Dolts.

Johnny Rico said...

I actually hope the Demoturds take back the NC Legislature as well as the County Commission. At least we know who the enemy is and don't have to keep pulling knives out of our well perforated back.