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Monday, July 8, 2013

Want a job as an actor?

No experience necessary..All you have to do is to show up and pretend to be a citizen concerned about the way conservatives govern. You don't actually have to be a liberal - your actual political opinions don't matter as long as you can pretend to oppose whatever issue we are currently opposing.

or check with your local Craigslist!


guy faulkes said...

There is nothing like "grassroots" support, is there? You can get all you can afford.

A true grassroots organization like GRNC would laugh its butt of about this charade. GRNC people are all true volunteers whose efforts require personal sacrifice.

On second thought, maybe they would not find it so humorous.

NewGuy said...

The craigslist ad I posted was from Raleigh...

There has been a similar paid campaign in Austin Tx...

"Craigslist in Austin currently has an advertisement up for wanted full-time activists. The advertisement was posted on June 29, 2013, just two days before the second special Texas Legislature session starte

Liberals arent so much interested in petitioning the legislature in either state...their purpose is to gin up publicity - it's the beginning of the 2014 elections.

Jus' Sayin' said...

I have been watching the Zimmerman trial.

If I am ever charged with murder, I hope I get that prosecutor!