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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


This weekends women's protest reminds me of the nineties when Madonna and tens of thousands of women took to the streets to protest a credibly accused rapist of a career woman who came to help him in his campaign and the tens of thousands of women who took to the streets to protest a flasher who asked for oral sex from an underling while in position of the power he threatened her with and the tens of thousands of women who took to the streets with vagina hats proudly displayed when a sitting President molested a woman in the workplace while she was seeking employment by grabbing her breasts and backing her in to a corner. Oh, wait. It didn't happen did it. Notice the grin on Madonna's face when she first starts to read her lines on the stage... it's all phony... fake rage in the name of the mental disorder that is Liberalism. 


Blogger said...

There is a commercial that says "These are real people not actors." I knew it. Actors are not us real people.

guy faulkes said...

One has to wonder if those that make their living by pretending to be someone other than who they are ever really know who they are, particularly those that are called method actors. These people let the roll take over their lives and personalities. They look down on other actors that retain a sense of self. For instance , I have heard that John Wayne was considered a poor actor because they said he basically played himself in all his movies. They also considered Charlton Heston as a moderately successful actor because he stood up for what he believed and did not parrot the politically correct version of what Hollywood was thinking.

Blogger said...

Dick Morris believes that all the Clintonistas have gone silent ibecause all of them are now under investigation. Their lawyers have told them to shut up. He says that it is not Trump going them after but from the professionals who have quietly been doing their job they always wanted to do.