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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Question? Did Senator Tillis Answer Us?

  In a thread in which I said Trump wants to return power to the people, commenter Wolf's Head responded: "I truly believe that PRESIDENT TRUMP (ha ha smowflakes!) wants to do so. However, the Congressional Republicans will be fighting him on it AND they are the only ones who can stop him. Read your senator tillis's op ed in the Charlotte Observer and see what I mean." Observer

 I did read Tillis op ed and had to ask Wolfe, "What the hell did Tillis say?"
Wolf's Head replied " Limbaugh covered Tillis' op ed on his program the other day and I agree with his conclusions. Tillis doesn't think republicans have a mandate from the election, and that the republicans were given the majority TO WORK AND COMPROMISE with the dems to end gridlock.

As a friend said, "Tillis is 2 degrees from being a democrat himself."
The country doesn't need compromise with the dems, we need to crush them

So I. Blogger wrote Tillis and told him that we couldn't make sense of his op ed.  I asked "Bottom line. Are you going to support our president to get his agenda done?" Or, will you be one of the snakes in the grass that Dick Norris has identified"

Sen. Tillis responded as follows: "Thank you for contacting me about my January 17th op-ed in the Charlotte Observer. I appreciate hearing from you and welcome the opportunity to respond.

The American people sent a clear message last November that they are sick and tired of partisan gridlock. For this reason, I outlined the need for both parties to work together in order to deliver results. Since the Senate requires 60 votes to break a filibuster, and there are only 52 Republicans, bipartisanship is needed to send legislation to President Trump’s desk.

Recent history tells us that overreaching toward an ideological extreme will yield disastrous consequences. In 2008, Democrats refused to work with Republicans and forced through partisan legislation, such as Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, and the so-called stimulus bill. As a result, they first lost the House, then the Senate, and now the Presidency.

During my tenure as Speaker in the State House of North Carolina, I worked across the aisle to enact historic tax and regulatory reform, more accountable voter ID laws, and a state-wide overhaul of the criminal justice system. My mission now is to achieve at the national level the same kind of positive, conservative results that we witnessed in North Carolina. I look forward to working with the administration and my colleagues in Congress to find a suitable replacement to Obamacare, secure our borders, and pass meaningful regulatory reform.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me. Please do not hesitate to reach out again about other important questions."


Wolf's Head said...

This is a "I told you so " moment.

In the primary Guy, myself and others warned about traitor tillis, believing he would betray conservatives, and he will.

guy faulkes said...

The bad thing about hearing or saying "I told you so" is that in signifies the crap that was being discussed has come to pass. In reality, Tillis should be considered a Democrat when predicting the outcome of votes in the Senate. In no instance can he be depended on to cast a conservative vote unless he truly believes it will cost him his political future.

Johnny Rico said...

RINO Thom Tillis reminds me of the Watauga County Republican Party and few remaining Republican County Commissioners - they are liberals who care about one thing - staying in power. In the case of the Commissioners, their insistence on staying in power above the basic tenants of conservative thought - freedom, liberty, and less government - back fired. It has not yet backfired on Tillis as he has 4 more years to craft his re-election strategy. Undoubtedly, he'll take a play from the book of RINO Richard Burr since status-quo governance, followed by conservative declarations a year out from election time, served him (Burr) so well for a number of years. RINO Tillis will use this same approach, and the conservative canons he will predictably spout just prior to the 2020 election are as hollow as his claim to being a conservative.

When New Guy barred me from posting anything remotely damaging to Thom Tillis in 2014, I knew at that moment the Watauga County Republican Party, and the Republican Party in general, had passed over to liberalism. Establishment Republicans, even after the mandate-producing election, still think they are going to somehow teach Tea Party types a lesson for being too conservative. Amazing ignorance. The Ken Cuccinnelli debacle in Virginia was the first attempt made at demonizing the very voting bloc who had placed the lying RINOs in power!! A shift in thinking is apparently taking place in this country that will perhaps force the hand of establishment RINO liberal socialist sheep like Tillis, McConnel, Ryan, Ghraham, and others into choosing a side instead of prancing on the sidelines looking for a weak point.

Hey, Watauga Republican Party, what did you do exactly for the farmer out in the Aho Community who had tin pot despots crawling all over him for fixing his 60 year old septic tank? That's right, you ignored him. Wonder why you lost yet? Stings don't it.

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Justin Barslow

Blogger said...

Did Tillis ever say he will support our president's agenda? Also, is he insinuating Trump is an ideolog? For me Trump is not ideological, he is guided by "good sense."

Anonymous said...

Blogger, please, what are the current rules in the Senate re: the super majority, simple majority, and the filibuster?

I would like to know, because I sent Tillis an email last week inquiring about his dubious op-ed, and he sent a rather strange reply, or at least, it is strange to me.

Blogger said...

My apologies but I am not enough of an expert to answer your question. Also, they may change the rules if the Dems keep stalling.
Not surprised Tillis confuses you. I don't think he always says what he really means. It makes it hard to read between the lines.

Anonymous said...

Blogger, thanks for your reply. A couple days ago, I thought I heard some FBN commentators say that the super-majority rule was done away with by Harry Reid. I checked on this, and according to Internet sources, Reid did change the super-majority rule to just a simple majority in 2013. 'Just wanted to know if there was any update on these rules. I have some more info but wanted to get the latest on the Senate rules.

Watcher said...

Anon.....Reid did away with the 60 vote requirement to approve CABINET APPOINTMENTS.
Trump's choices for cabinet positions can be approved with a simple majority...(

Supreme Court appointments however, still require the 60 votes to cut off debate and bring the matter to a vote.

That may change Mitch McConnell has said that if Dems filibuster, he will invoke this "nuclear option".

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Watcher, for the clarification and additional info.

Johnny Rico said...

Thom Tillis is a RINO. He will do anything to stay in power, including vote like a die hard liberal. He needs voting out in 4 years. Many on this site recognized Tillis has more in common with the liberal socialist sheep on Watauga Watch, but RINOs prevented the truth from coming out before the 2014 elections. They of course paid for it in 2016 as a cabal of conservatives ensured the Watauga County Republican Party was duly sanctioned for past depredations. Will they learn, or will they support Thom RINO Tillis in 2020?

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Justin Barslow