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Monday, January 9, 2017

The Dishonest Media and Trump's Disabled Man

Serge Kovaleski. Kovaleski has a chronic condition called arthrogryposis, which limits the movement of his arms.
                                         Dishonest media publishes this picture.  Now see the real story on next thread.

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Anonymous said...

Well, the dishonest media and the Hollywood crowd are a bunch of crybabies and arrogant hypocrites, to say the very least. The so-called caring mainstream media and entertainment 'artists' have a longtime ugly trait of mocking and misrepresenting people, events, and history. This trait continues even more so in the present. They pursue and enjoy lavish lifestyles, behave in a manner that would make an ancient Roman emperor blush, and yet, ridicule and impugn working and middle class, Christian Americans -- the real America. Streep and her kind are an embarrassment and blight upon this country, and they are nothing but controlled puppets of the studio bosses and the banksters who own them.