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Thursday, January 5, 2017

We Beat Russia Before and We Can do it Again

In October 1957, government leaders went into shock when they heard the beeping of the first satellite, the Russian Sputnik.  Russia was ahead of us in space!

One immediate response was to create the National Defense Education Act.  The purpose of the act was  to beef up our science and math programs in the schools, identify students with aptitude, as well as top teachers.

Another leg of the program was to identify and train high school counselors who would then encourage the best and the brightest youth to go into science and math.  Because at that same time there was a big emphasis on helping Appalachia, at the  University of Kentucky, I created a program to train guidance counselors from that area.  I went into the mountains and identified top notch people to come to U K for an all-expense paid Masters degree.

Now with cyber security we discover we are falling behind again, especially in the area of defense.  Learning from our NDEA experience it is once again time for a full court press.   Let's identify our own clever young hackers and give them the additional trading and equipment and let them support our country.

We beat the Russians before.  Let's do it again.


Sarkazein said...

My guess is any Russian hacking is the normal spying just as we do. There is a Russian Mafia and they could be the hackers. The Election hacking is bogus. I think we are already beating the Russians at this game and the election thing is 100% BS.
The Dems just can't find a way to blame Bush, so they are using the Russians. I would still, just for sport, like to see a cage match between Putin and Obama.

Sarkazein said...