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Monday, February 6, 2017

President Has Every Legal Right to Regulate Immigration

Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress the power to regulate immigration. In 1952, Congress passed a law empowering the president to deny entry into the U.S. to "any class of aliens" considered to be "detrimental to the interests of the United States." In other words, a threat to America and in the interests of national security.

The claim that Trump's action is unconstitional is spurious. Foreigners do not have constitutional rights.

"Washington State does not have "standing" to sue on behalf of its residents because they have suffered no "actual harm" from Trump's order. In order to sustain a lawsuit, the plaintiffs must demonstrate their alleged injury is direct and real, not merely hypothetical. The harm must be imminent and irreparable, not speculative."

Trump can win this diabolical case.  There is an excellent program on Fox today, short and worth reading.  
Gregg Jarett


Blogger said...

Trump first has to go through the 9th circuit court, the most corrupt left wing court in the country. However, there is a joke among the lawyers in that circuit, that if you lose before the 9th circuit, you are certain to win before the Supreme Court.

Blogger said...

So tonight we heard those leftist judges. They refused to focus on the scope of the case I.e. was the president within his authority. Instead they claimed it was a Muslim ban and thus against the establishment clause. Trump saying it was national security was bogus. "We know his true motive because we heard him when a candidate." That means they were psychic mind readers and knew his real motivations. So disgusting.

Wolf's Head said...

Impeach the judges.

Blogger said...

National security be damned. Liberals hate this country, so they will be celebrating tonight.

Sarkazein said...

A couple of weeks before the 2016 Election, Candidate Trump was asked whether or not he would accept the results of the election. The press was anticipating a Hillary win. Mr Trump's answer was addressing the possability of voter fraud and a challenge to the results and since he didn't answer with a one word answer of "YES", the media and the Democrats went totally insane. This, according to them, was a threat to democracy and disqualified then Candidate Trump from ever holding Office. Democrats and Leftist pundits were standing in puddles of their own urine, wailing at the top of their lungs in hyperventilation mode at Mr Trump's answer. We didn't get to see what Mr Trump would have done if he had lost, because he won by The Electoral College as written in the Constitution. We do, however, get to see what it looks like when those same people with their feet still soaked, do not accept the outcome of the election. We all call each other hypocrites in political debates, but the Democrats now are displaying the height of real and dangerous hypocrisy never seen before in American political history. The Democrats are now a true threat to democracy no matter how foolish they look, their actions are truly dangerous.

guy faulkes said...

Last night I had dinner with a friend that told me of a conversation he had with a person that believes that the establishment Republicans are already working on plans to impeach Trump. His idea is that this would put Pence, who is an establishment Republican, into the office, returning the party to the rule of the establishment and maybe gaining influence with the media.

This idea supports the statements that have been made on this blog that the establishment Republicans are more dangerous to both Trump and the country than are the Democrats.

This is an interesting idea that would make perfect sense to the establishment branch or the Republican Party. It would return things to "business as usual". The only problem is that they do not understand that Trump was elected because people do not want business as usual.

Any thoughts?

Sarkazein said...

Were there mushrooms on the steak?

Wolf's Head said...

As I have said before, our problem now is the republicans in Congress.

They are the only ones who can stop Trump and return the government back to establishment rule.

Sarkazein said...

The Judges, so far.

Sarkazein said...

He's got to beat the judges because I'm not tired of winning yet.

Johnny Rico said...

Faulks brings up a good point. The RINO Congress is seething right now, similar to the way the Watauga County Republican Party is out of sorts. They will do anything to stay in power, even if it means attacking Trump. The one saving grace we may have in all this are the Tea Party Conservatives voted in back in 2012. They are few in number, but are now true insiders, folks with enough bandwidth to know what is really going on in inner circles. It would be a very dangerous game for RINOs to play since the Tea Party Watchdogs could make things rough on them. The downside of all this though, is establishment Rethuglicans are not that bright a bunch to begin with. They themselves totally misread electorate proclivities for many years.

If RINOs impeach Trump, the much needed Third Party will come all the sooner.

Billy Barksdale