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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Soros Plans Riot in Houston

Rank and File Houston Riot Police
                                                                      New Liberal Houston Police Chief To Be Tested

The rank and file have not decided whether or not the new Houston police chief (not pictured) is going to be a good chief for them or just another overpaid liberal from Austin. News has it that a big riot for Super Bowl is planned with all the usual suspects  performing... OWS, BLM, DNC, and the Nu-vo Anarchists.

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Sarkazein said...

I hope the rioters accidentally hit the Korean section of downtown Houston... no riot police needed, Koreans TCB.

Sarkazein said...

Not much rioting happened in Houston during the Super Bowl ... too much respect, I guess, for conspicuous consumption, fanaticism, and egomania.

Johnny Rico said...

One of these days the snowflakes will riot in the wrong place, against the wrong type of people. It won't be pleasant.

Folks, the true test of whether or not our immigration system will be fixed is if illegal aliens are allowed to do another march on DC without sanction. That will be telling. And talk about violent rioting - the snowflakes, in-American as they are, will try and protect illegal aliens from arrest. This will cause much angst in this ailing country. This is what happens when you have dolts who choose illegal aliens over citizens. Hard to believe we are at this point. Notice, it is a bit more difficult for a true riot to take place in areas where there are less restrictions on gun ownership.

Brooke lesman