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Thursday, March 16, 2017


In the 1920's Calvin Coolidge warned of the problems of a large centralized bureaucracy.



Liberal POV said...


When you voted for Calvin Coolidge America didn't have a middle class, The labor movement was still in its infancy, Society Security, Medicare and Medicaid were none existent, the KKK still ruled the Jim Crow South politically, America had no interstate highway system and few paved roads. Few homes had indoor plumbing.
No thanks, I don't want to go back to that era

Sarkazein said...

Coolidge on civil rights:


Sarkazein said...

The Coolidge Prosperity was not just benefiting business leaders, but common laborers as well. Robert H. Ferrell, a historian and Coolidge biographer, wrote:

One reason that workers did not enroll in unions was that they were doing much better in the 1920s. Real wages for industrial workers were 8 percent above the base year (1914= 100) in 1921, 13 percent above in 1922, and 19 percent above in 1923. For the next two years, the figure remained at this level and then increased, reaching 32 percent in 1928. The workweek declined from 47.4 hours in 1920 to 44.2 in 1929. This meant a five-and-a-half-day week…All the while unemployment was a low 3.7 percent between 1923 and 1929. This compared with 6.1 between 1911 and 1917, a fairly prosperous time for workers.

Sarkazein said...

I am willing to bet Liberal POV like most rabid liberals never even bothered to spend 3 minutes researching the Calvin Coolidge presidency before he wrote: "When you voted for Calvin Coolidge America didn't have a middle class,". Being wrong is a way of life for that poor soul.