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Friday, March 17, 2017

Diagnosis and Treatment of Trump Derangement Syndrome

Many of you know that we psychologists have a diagnostic system manual DSM to diagnose emotional disorders. The DSM has Diagnostic Criteria which describe the disorder as well as define the characteristics which support the diagnosis.

Because we will never see Trump Derangement Syndrome as a disorder in the DSM, I thought I would take a crack at it.

Diagnostic Criteria for Trump Derangement Syndrome. TDS

A. Repetitive outbursts of inexplicable behavior at anything regarding Trump.

B. Behaviors to look for. Any one of the following can lead to the diagnosis:

1. A Congress person who says he or she will block any Trump proposal even if it is something good for the country and even if they represent a state that went all out for Trump.

2. A Democrat who can’t start working on any solutions, because they still think they lost a slam dunk election due the Russians and not because of bad policies.

3. A Democrat who promises to block everything that Trump proposes even if it is good for the country and even though Americans are sick of Washington games.

4. A media mogul who knows his outlet is losing credibility but can’t control giving fake news about Trump.

5.. A reporter who says he will no longer give objective news no matter what it does to
his credibility because his role is now to stop Trump.

6. A free speech professor who refuses to allow his students to hear any contradictory ideas.

7. A college professor hysterically demanding the campus police arrest a person for being a Trump supporter.

8. A college student who physically assaults a Trump supporting professor.

9. A young person in an anti-Trump demonstration begins smashing windows and setting fires.

10. A young demonstrator carries a pro-Shariah law sign because he thinks Trump is a racist.

11. A female who joins a million woman anti-Trump march who cannot explain why she is there other than to protect her freedom to destroy her baby and she doesn’t even blush.

12. A person discovering her long time friend supporting Trump, orders the friend out of her house.

13. A blog commentator who contentiously lists unsubstantiated lies about Trump on the blog.

After a DSM diagnosis is made, the professional comes up with a treatment plan targeted to the problem.

When I put on my psychologist hat, the only similar diagnoses is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
However, TDS does not really allow for that diagnosis. So I have to take off my psychologist hat and put on my priests’ hat. Then the diagnosis fits that of my post: Explaining the source of TDS
However, disorders require a person to recognize their diagnosis and then in the case of TDS, requires repentance.


Blogger said...

Anyone have a competing explanation of TDS? Saying it is Trump's own fault would enrage half the country that supports him and a big percentage of people that adore him.
So I won't accept that diagnosis. Other than that, does anyone have an explanation of TDS they think is better than mine. And as JR loves to say "Anyone want to take a shot at it." By the way, this post is important to me so if you can't respond to this post sensibly, put your responses on the vent page and that goes for your inane comment POV.

Blogger said...

Add a Federal judge that admits h e is not following Trumps legal right to limit aliens. The judge said he was going by something Trump said on the trail.

And another judge saying he was blocking Trump because of hurt feelings in his state.

Blogger said...

A news columnist says Trumps win proves Americans hate women.
Readers feel free to add your own symptoms of TDS.

guy faulkes said...

Trump is outside the mainstream politicians. He is a businessman and not part of the "in crowd". He does not play by the PC rules. This distresses some people because they have no frame of reference in how to handle him. They follow the different chicken syndrome. If a chicken is different from the rest of the group, they will peck it to death. Witness the actions of the lame stream media.

Then there are those of us that think Trump is just what the country needs to put it back on track. The establishments of both parties have been thinking they are a ruling class for far to long.

I am not going into specific symptoms of the attacks on Trump as Blogger did other than to say the catch phrase of the day will be repeated until anew catch phrase is created. This is because few of these people have original thoughts and must share what few happen by.

Blogger said...

POV unless you are addressing the issue like Guy did, put your comments on the vent page.

Sarkazein said...

The cause of Trump Derangement Syndrome is the actions of the Democrat leadership. They called Trump a racist, homophobe, anti-semite, woman hater, foreigner hater which hypnotized their rank and file sheeple into a frenzy at the time of the election. Problem is, they never snapped their finger and brought their steeple out of their trance. The loss was such a shock to those who had cheated their asses off in the primary against Sanders and then on to the general that they entered the same trance in a mass hysteria. Now there is no one in the Democrat Party left to snap their finger and end the trance. Now, the only way to bring them out of their hypnotic trance is to slap them awake. So, the next time you see a Democrat....

Sarkazein said...

14. A department store cancels a successful clothing line because it has the name TRUMP on it.

Sarkazein said...

15. A man verbally assaults The Presidents daughter on an airline flight.

16. A woman verbally assaults the Press Secretary in an Apple Store.

Sarkazein said...

17. A moron snaps out of his comma to troll a conservative blog again.

guy faulkes said...

Blogger, what is the name of the term for aggressively attacking someone not in your clique? There has to be one.

Blogger said...

No, POV the best I can tell was you were just giving us another person who suffers from something. We did not need those kind of examples. You yourself are enough. So I am moving this to somewhere else before one of my readers is stupid enough to respond and trash an important idea.