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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Jeff Sessions; Deja Vu All Over Again

With Jeff Sessions, it is deja vu all over again. Democrats attack. Republicans wet their own pants.  They form a circular firing squad. After shooting one another, they then eat their own.

I am so disappointed with my party. But where does one go? The other side is so demonized and/or insane  So out to destroy the country. No way could I join them.

If a person wants to be a good citizen, where do they go?


guy faulkes said...

You have just posted the reason the Wolf and I have said for years that there will eventually be a third party. The Republican party insists on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory because so many of them consider maintaining the status quo to be more important that making hard choices for the good of the country. After all, the had choices might cost them professionally. They are, after all, career politicians.

As the Wolf has so eloquently stated, Trump does not need to fear the Democrats. His Achilles heel is the establishment Republicans. They will do anything to maintain their positions by not rocking the boat. They could have held Obama powerless for all eight years but instead gave him everything he wanted. We can only hope that Trump will succeed in spite of them and that the citizens of this country wake up from the nightmare that the progressive policies of socialism has caused.

Sarkazein said...

By the time "eventually" comes around, maybe they will have a candidate or something rather than leaving all the heavy lifting to the Republicans.

Sarkazein said...

I haven't seen a circular firing squad around Sessions. Flint disappeared so fast, there wasn't time to even chamber a round. When a Democrat is in trouble, the MSM and the Democrats along with the Democrat oath to never resign no matter how guilty start working together. Same when a Republican is in trouble no matter how contrived, the MSM and the Democrats work together. So far President Trump has not been able to shmooze the MSM quite enough to get them aboard so it appears the Republicans aren't doing enough. It's like the tree falling in the forest when no MSM talking head is there.

guy faulkes said...

Sark, I am interested to hear what heavy lifting you consider the Republicans have done. Lately it seems it consists of capitulation to the left for the most part.

I have always said it is going to take a long time and a lot of pain before the third party happens. Who knows? Trump might succeed in turning the Republican party around and the third party will come from the left. This is doubtful, but possible, because as I said, Republicans are famous for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Anonymous said...

"...more important that making hard choices for the good of the country."

What are the "hard choices" that are for the good of the country?

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Republican leadership believes in anything anymore. For years we heard that we needed to win the Senate in order to accomplish anything. After we won the Senate, then we were told that we couldnt do anything because we didn't control the W House.
We passed bill after bill abolishing Obamacare but it went nowhere because we couldn't get it past a possible veto. Now, that we have a president who might actually sign an abolishment bill, we somehow don't have the congressional will to pass it.

Our political leaders have been feeding us a line of bull for years. They tell us what they think we want to hear but the obviously have no interest in delivering. Passing phony bills that have no chance of becoming law in order to pander to conservative voters is a disgrace.

I don't know the answer Blogger. All I can do is to support the most conservative choices that are made available to me. We nominated Trump over establishment opposition. Maybe we can primary some of the phony conservatives out of contention.

guy faulkes said...

"What are the "hard choices" that are for the good of the country?"

Setting rid of entitlement programs for a start Everyone has a program he likes and does not want cut.

Trying to go back to a federal government that only does that which the constitution empowers it to do for another. Once again, everyone has something he likes being done by the feeds that they should not be doing.

Going to a sales tax instead of our present system. No deductions, every one pays something. No refunds.

Wolf's Head said...

Hard choices? I disagree.

The choices are easy and clear.

Cut the government, return liberty and prosperity to the people.

The choices aren't hard, fighting the Deep State who want the status quo is what will be hard.

It comes down to a matter of WILL.

Nietzsche was right after all.

Sarkazein said...

GuyFaulkes- The heavy lifting is the whipping enough legislators into passing a bill, not just wanting it or executive ordering it. The R Congress has to draft debate pass a bill. Heavy lifting is not just one person requesting or demanding it. Heavy lifting finally got the repeal Obamacare bill thru the Senate, after Reed was gone the Senate passed it and sent it to Obama to veto. The heavy lifting is the moving of the legislation and all its Constitutional requirements. All/most Republicans sent bill after bill to the Senate only to have it tabled by Reed.
The President only has to agree with himself, the Republican legislators have to do all the heavy lifting moving a couple of hundred individual legislators to move the bill to the President's desk where the heaviest thing he has to lift is his pen.

guy faulkes said...

Wolf, what you say is very true, but for the general population, it will be a hard choice to develop the will to make these cuts. It will not happen soon.

"The heavy lifting is the whipping enough legislators into passing a bill, not just wanting it or executive ordering it." - Sark

It also includes getting past Reed and making the bill become law. They got the load off the ground, but did not complete the lift. Capitulating to Obama certainly was not heavy lifting. Just as Reed was successful in using his power to table a bill. powers, they could have been successful in not passing Obama's bills, not funding his executive orders, and shutting the government down if they needed to. The same holdsd true for Obama's veto powers. It would not be hard for a third party to at least equal the performance of the Republican establishment.

Anonymous said...

"It also includes getting past Reed and making the bill become law"

Getting past Reed? Do you mean Reid? As in Harry Reid? Are you under the impression that he is still in the Senate?

I don't understand your point here?

Sarkazein said...

Anonymous 8:44 AM- The "Republicans ain't doing sh*t" thing started, for the most part, when Reed ( I don't care how he spells it ) was the Senate Majority Leader and even before the House raided itself of Speaker Pelosi.. Nothing the House Republicans did against Obama would get to Obama.

"Are you under the impression that he is still in the Senate?"- Anonymous

"... after Reed was gone the Senate passed it..."- Sarkazein

If you had read the entire comment, you could have answered your own question.
Are you just attempting insult or do you think the world just started today?

Sarkazein said...

Should read- "rid" itself of Pelosi.

guy faulkes said...

Anonymous, i was referring to the fact the establishment Republicans did not get past Reid in the past. I asked Sark what heavy lifting the Republicans had done. He was gracious enough to reply.

Thank you for catching the typo.

Sarkazein said...

GuyFaulkes- I agree with your points about not funding and not shutting down the government. They should have done just that. BUT, that would have been the end of the Republican Party because the MSM would have eventually controlled thought in most of the public.

guy faulkes said...

Sark, I do not believe that the MSM has the ability to control public thought as they once did. All they had to do was spin what thy reported and omit issues with which they did not agree. The internet has changed that situation.

Many people get their news from blogs, social media, and news sources that were not readily available. The word gets out. For instance, you know a lot about North Carolina from this blog. We know a lot about Huston because of you. Once we become aware of an issue, we can now do our own research.

Trump has largely bypassed the MSM. It is killing their souls. They do not know how to handle the situation.

Your opinion?

Johnny Rico said...

RINOs are the greatest threat to liberty existing today. They outclass even the liberal socialist jackals slinking on the outskirts. RINOs on a national level do to us exactly what the RINO Watauga County Commissioners did to that farmer out in Aho who tried to fix his OWN septic tank. They ignored him and held their noses hoping the issue would go away. In well used terms - THEY DID NOTHING. Faulks and Wolf's Head hit the nail on the head every time they say the RINOs want one thing only - the staus quo. As long as they can retain power and position themselves and their families for success, concepts such as liberty, limited government, and freedom remain pawns. If they can use these concepts to retain power (Richard Burr for example) then they come across as liberty's best friend. If they can use communism (Richard Burr again) to do the same, then they will.

But they are worse than Democrat jackals though. Democrat jackals remain pure in their extremist mindset to control others and extinguish independent thought. Democrat jackals fight tooth and nail for their extremist, racist beliefs no matter if they win an election or not. They don't compromise and they always slog forward. RINO jackals on the other hand have no intrinsic values. They fight for nothing except status quo. They don't slog forward always. They are NEVER ready to do battle. They cave at the slightest hint of opposition (Thom Tillis is a great example of this). RINO jackals will leave you high and dry each time. The old Watauga County Commission had several years to increase freedom and liberty, but they acted exactly like Democrats!! The current crop of RINO commissioners put forth the same election message as their democratic counterparts. You couldn't tell the difference!! Now we have that worthless Paul Ryan sitting their DOING NOTHING. John Bohner even came out a couple weeks back with an anti-Trump message!!! Had he fought that hard against Democrats, he might have stayed on as speaker. Same for worthless George Bush

Anonymous said...

Guy Faulkes says:
"I do not believe that the MSM has the ability to control public thought as they once did"

Sarkazien says:
"the MSM would have eventually controlled thought in most of the public"

Sarkazein said...


Sarkazein said...

Your kind marches in lockstep, so you are not used to individual opinion.

Sarkazein said...

JohnnyRico- I am still of the mindset it is better by far to have a Republican controlled House, Senate, and Presidency including RINOs, Tea Party, Old School Conservatives, and Libertarians then to have a Pelosi cloned House, Senate, and Presidency.
A really good "deal maker" should be artful enough to be successful in moving all but a few in his direction.