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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Muslim Settlers in Turkey


Liberal POV said...

I see Blogger gets his information from "Stormfront" a NeoNazi website for Nazis and the KKK. No wonder he's a Trump supporter.

Professor Emeritus Citation said...

The screenshot is from FrontPageMag

While it would be fun to hurl ad hom insults at the publication, its editor, and Mr. Blogger.......let's instead point towards the article's sources....."Kamal", and "Nicole".

No actual data. No actual investigative reporting. No actual analysis. Just Kamal and Nicole.

Mr. Blogger, if the story fits your personal narrative too perfectly....please check the references.

Sarkazein said...

Liberalism/socialism has made it impossible for countries to allow refugees as they had before. You can't be open borders if you are a welfare state. Even the US is a welfare state now. Liberals are anti-refugee/immigration.
It's two hits, the welfare attracts the refugee so you get more refugees and the more refugees the least the country can afford.

Liberal POV said...


Blogger's post is still Neo Nazi propaganda. Conservatives cannot be trusted to be truthful on the local level, state level or National Level.

Johnny Rico said...

liberal socialist jackal pov (notice lower case),

Truthful?! you mean like solyndra, shovel ready jobs, servers in closets, and transparency? Ooops, wait, that's why you dolts lost the last election. Yet you keep blabbering on with the very thing that saw you dolt LOSE!!! Not smart, but then again you're a liberal!!!! Kind of hard to help stupid.

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Claire Lesman

Johnny Rico said...

Liberal socialst jackals are like glow sticks. I want to shake the heck out them until the light goes on. LOL