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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


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Johnny Rico said...

It is indeed a war. We have put up with nonsense long enough that many are numb to the effects of liberal sponsored communism. Did anyone see the Time Magazine Cover regarding Trump's "war on Washington"? The liberal jackal media just doesn't get it. This is exactly the reason why Trump won. The jackal media can't help themselves (neither can liberal jackals). The fake news stories that pander to liberal jackals will serve to further unite the conservative base and transform some moderates into hard right conservatives. It is indeed a war - a war we can win if folks will get involved.

The recent High Country Press article calling out Virginia Foxx for not attending a liberal jackal extremist rally is a prime example of the war. Liberals are so pissed off at losing the last election, they will resort to holding self serving events, and then feigning outrage that political opponents don't attend!! How dumb. Funny how the liberal news media wouldn't allow damaging editorials on Virginia Foxx's support for the infamous Blowing Rock Land Trade by saying it was a personal attack on Foxx . Yet here the very same dolts involved in preventing those editorials personally attacking Foxx!! It is indeed a war.

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico