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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

VIEW HERE  Having never been an O'Reilly fan, I thought I would watch this video to just see how right I was about Bill. I haven't looked any further into the claims, only this one. Not much offends me more than real sexual harassment. Having a mother, two sisters and of course past girlfriends and a wife, sexual harassment is fighting words. But, if this woman's video describes today's sexual harassment then snowflakeism is firmly into place in our society. The fact that the complainant assumes Bill's mindset at every turn is telling. She says she wouldn't go to his suite and actually she shouldn't have. Because there is a difference. When that difference is no longer, then we are no longer.
Now, how any celebrity thinks it possible to get away with real sexual harassment is beyond me. There is big money it now. If Bill is a sexual harasser then let him swing by his neck until unemployed, but if this is sexual harassment then men and women will never be equal in the workplace until women have their safe places at work and all men turn gay.


Anonymous said...

Add approval of sexual predation to the list of conservative identifiers.

Whitey said...

Let's do a list of lefty identifiers (just for fun)



Abortion as birth control

Support for serial rapists (clinton)

Support for serial rapist enablers (hillary clinton)

Classifying the entire population based on sexuality

Support for the selling of fetal body parts

Support for teen sexuality and the resulting venereal disease and unwanted pregnancies

Abuse of interns in the Oval Office

Support for the destruction of the traditional family

Support of Muslim culture with their child brides, child rape, sodomized dancing boys, female genital mutilation, mass rapes, executions of homosexuals, enslavement of women

The list goes on but you get the trend.

They're sexual perverts and supporters of sexual perversion and brutality

Sarkazein said...

You didn't watch the video boob. She didn't say he raped her as Juanita Broderick said about Clinton, she didn't say he molested her as Kathleen Wiley said about Clinton, she didn't say he pulled down his pants in front of her and asked for oral sex as the guy you like did. That's why I say - boob, you didn't watch the video.

Sarkazein said...

You didn't even read the post, or more likely you don't remember reading the post. I said I have never been an Oreilly fan boob. You've always been a Clinton fan.

Sarkazein said...

Great minds...

Reader said...

I don't approve of it by any means and I doubt many conservatives do approve. You have made an ignorant statement once again.

Anonymous said...

You got your news from sexual predators. You willingly and knowingly elected a sexual predator.

Anonymous said...

Oh Whitey, you enumerated a large part of the republican congress and electorate.

guy faulkes said...

Dufus McDuff rides again. The troll is 180 off one more time.

Sarkazein said...

Proving you never watched the video, it is from the Washington Post. You wouldn't have understood it enough to make a comment on it anyway. Are you wishing the rapist Clinton was your First Lady now?

Anonymous said...

News Corp and Rupert Murdoch disagree with you and your puny opinion.

guy faulkes said...

Was O'Riley guilty of sexual harassment? Maybe. Was he the victim of women charging him with sexual harassment for finical profit? Maybe.

What does either one have to do with the price of tea in China? As Sark says, anything O'Riley did pales in comparison with Clinton.

I find t hat I may have done Anonymous and injustice. Instead of Dufus McDuff, I believe that the always wrong character in the M*A*S*H books was called Goofus McDuff. Henceforth he shall be know as Goofus.