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Thursday, April 27, 2017


Somebody has hacked us in a very sophisticated manner. In fact there is no one in the Blog Help group that has listed a similar problem. Google even denies we can be hacked.

 You will see in the comment list that a comment was deleted. Did any one of you happen to click on that comment before I deleted it? It contained two highlighted links. One said COMMENTS and pulled up the entire comments for that thread. The other said UNSUBSCRIBE which took one to a settings page in the inner workings of the settings. The code used was actually a very simple one.

The hack was done by someone calling themselves Liberal Pov ( I find it hard to believe that it was he.) It read "Liberal Pov is back."

What worries me is that someone getting inside the codes of a blog can create all kinds of havoc. I even wonder if a left wing group has discovered how to hack a Google blog and is supplying the code to their followers. As is obvious, the left is so terrified of us on the right getting our message out, they will do anything to stop us. They are nasty people as we just saw at Berkeley with Ann Coulter.

Anyway, for the time being you will have to suffer through "comment moderation" until one of you finds out how to help or someone from Google help contacts us.


Sarkazein said...

I could see LPov hacking this site. He would have to pay someone to do it, but he would do it. Look at the Left as they break out store windows and set fires to show how peaceful they are. They chant primary school chants to show how smart they are and they block people from publicly speaking to show how open minded they are. He probably knows he just has to mail in his receipt to Soros and he gets a refund and $15 an hour for his time. Might explain his comments being so hard to read because he types with a mask and a hoody on. Nothing in this comment will he find insulting.

Johnny Rico said...

Typical for the tolerant left. The left deals in bigotry, racism, oppression, modern slavery, close minded thinking and sheer violence when all else fails. Liberal POV, PLOP!, shyster, democrapus perplexed and many others will do anything to stop the spread of freedom and patriotism. In fact, these same dolts, during Vietnam, spit on returning soldiers and now try and deny it!!! Will they one day deny blocking Ann Coulter or spreading violence in the aftermath of the historic Trump victory.

Well, here's a little something for the liberal socialist jackal left to think about:

Machts Niches Bitches. We WON, you lost, get over it.


Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

PS USS Rodger Young sends her regards, and says she'll see you soon

Blogger said...

Guy, the malicious bug has now shown up in two comments using your name. I have tried to contact the company but no luck so far.

guy faulkes said...

Blogger, i may have opened the pot you deleted. I do not remember doing it, but the monitor shows a bunch of large black strips when I post, I amy be infected. Let me know if it happens again. Did you by any chance get this jerk's IP number?

Sarkazein said...

I know almost nothing about this stuff, but if it is comping in on GuyFaulkes comments, GuyFaulkes commenter might try and change the password that lets him log on as GuyFaulkes. ????????

Anonymous said...

The Russians are now going after conservatives as well.

guy faulkes said...

Goofus, in the unlikely event we find who cyber attacked the site, do you think we can have them charged with a hate crime? After all, it was directed specifically at us and it is illegal. Your post would seem to indicate it was done to damage conservatives.

Maybe you should be afraid. Very afraid.

guy faulkes said...

Blogger, as I seem to have this bug, what does it do to my computer?

Blogger said...

Guy what are the symptoms? I am beginning to believe that mine is not a bug but something Google blogger added to give me shortcuts. I just missed the announcement.