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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dems Might Want to Be Careful What They Ask For

O.K. The dems got their special counsel.  Remember that adage “Be careful what you asked for.  You might just get it.”  Recall the last special counsel.  It started off investigating a suspicious land deal and ended up with a stained blue dress. Before they drool too much, Dems may want to take a deep breath.

So far, we have heard from all three groups carrying out the so called “Russian connection.”  Each
has reported they have found nothing illegal.

On the other hand, there are two crimes that have surfaced while the Russian thing was being investigated.  Both were connected with the Obama White House.  Someone may have unmasked NSA information for political purposes.  And, secondly someone illegally leaked sensitive information.

Nancy Pelosi may have already figured this out as she is already covering her bets by calling for a counsel completely separated from government.  

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guy faulkes said...

It will be interesting to observe the spin the media will put on this investigation if it exonerates Trump. So far no one has claimed to have found anything illegal was done.