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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Trump and Ryan, Will They be a Dream Team After All?

      I don’t know about you guys but I have had the distinct feeling that Republicans were just going through the motions.  Even our own Senator Burr is not doing the people’s business but rather is pimping for the Dems, spending his days going down the Russian rabbit hole.

However today, in Paul Ryan’s fund raising email, he claims they are working as follows:

“After enduring 8 years under a president who kept our country stuck in neutral, President Trump and House Republicans are moving our country forward with our ambitious agenda.

    Our military was underfunded and hollowed out. We’re rebuilding it.
    Our borders were left unsecured. We’re securing them and fixing our broken immigration               system.
    Liberal policies caused businesses to close their doors or move overseas. We’re making it               easier to start businesses and create jobs right here in America.
    Obama Care premiums increased by an average of 105%. We're repealing and replacing it.”

He doesn’t say anything about taxes other than Obama Care which is a tax.  Maybe that comes later.  Whatever, if he and Trump can do the things he claims, added to the Supreme Court nomination, I will personally be satisfied.

That only leaves the two Supreme Court appointments Trump gets to nominate and decimating ISIS and the country will be in good shape.  Though I would not want him to go back to his day job in four years, after the unmerited savaging the seditious media and other  treasonous people have put him through, I would not blame him.


guy faulkes said...

Hopefully Trump will realize the good he is doing for the country and run again ( if for no other reason than he starts to enjoyed the anguish he causes liberals as much as I do).

Wolf's Head said...

Agreed. While the various anons here and the fools at Watauga Watch are obsessing about fake Russia connections and Trump's brusque manners Trump is cutting great swaths thru the bureaucracy and regulations that have been chaining us all.

Let the idiots bash Trump over petty deeds and they will only alienate more voters.

Anonymous said...

You are a delusional bunch.

Anonymous said...

Burr has not been trustworthy for years.

Anonymous said...

The House Intelligence Committee is now going after the Obama people who were unmasking. Unlike Burrs committee who are lost in the
Russian rabbit hole, the House is doing their job of overseeing the intelligence agencies. Nobody even cares about Burrs committee. The special counsel report is what we all will be waiting for.