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Monday, May 22, 2017

World Leaders Enjoy Being Photographed With Our President

One of the snarkiest commenters on this blog wrote "Few Conservatives politicians are going to want ads showing them and Trump in the same photograph.”   Soon, they won't count.  But here are some people who will, and love having their photos with our great president.



Anonymous said...

I don't see any American politicians but I do see brutal totalitarian dictators.

Sarkazein said...

And notice, Anonymous, he is not bowing to anyone as your bend-over President did. And he's not whispering sweet nothings into a Russians ear like Bend Over did with Medveded (sp) bragging about how bendie he could be while getting screwed.

Anonymous said...

Few informed and intelligent professionals and no ethical professionals want to be associated with the corrupt and incompetent Trump Administration.

Sarkazein said...

Anonymous must have missed the parade in and out of Trump Tower pre-inauguration. Not to say he noticed anything.