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Thursday, June 22, 2017

CNN Talking Heads Celebrate Georgia Win


USS Rodger Young said...

CNN is like most fringe left liberal socialist sheep - bigoted, racist, violence prone, pure haters who will resort to nearly anything to destroy those with whom they disagree.

CNN wouldn't air Handel's acceptance speech nor would they do so for Trump's excellent speech last night in Iowa. Tell us liberal socialist sheep, why won't liberal new sites air the words of the President or the winner of the most expensive House election in history? We know this is typical behavior, but it bears highlighting for no other reason than it gives liberal extremists (you)a little stinger to have to contend with. LOL!!!! Oh, and the poor ratings for CNN and MSNBC point to a failing business model - a sure sign of idealism. Placing idealist beliefs over a proven business model (i.e. reporting the news) appeals to the extremists in the Democratic Party, not to making money and being successful.

One last tough question that you idiots can't ever seem to answer. How come you support large predatory corporations, namely colleges and universities, who saddle our young people with unsustainable, life destroying debt?

Sarkazein said...

I do enjoy seeing the $200 haircut/$5 brain CNN Obama groupies suffer.

USS Rodger Young said...

Getting a bit hot for the village idiot. Notice if noneymouse coward doesn't post first, he tends to vanish. Must have really hurt his sole that I beat him to the punch with this one!!!! The reason noneymouse coward is able to be the 1st to post on a thread is simple - living in moms basement waiting beside the computer for a conservative to blog to open is the mark of a welfare using radical! LOL!!!!

noneymouse - got anything to say outside of a dyslexic rant? I won.

Your ole pal

USS Rodger Young

USS Rodger Young said...

The CNN Talking Heads are pretty dumb. They don't realize that establishment Rethuglicans are now supporting obummercare. Yes, that's right, RINOs are giving us obummercare, albeit a different version. The endpoint the same - government mandated healthcare. Democrats should embrace what RINO commie idiots are doing because it's exactly what Democrats would do!!!!!

I fear we are at the end of the Republic. Trump is one against a rising tide of well entrenched communists. Some call it the Deep State. Phil Berger is an excellent example of the red river running through our country. This repeat offender has repeatedly stalled 2nd Amendment legislation in the NC House of Representatives. Several years back he stalled gun legislation by saying it didn't "poll well." That was in conjunction with deep state operative Thom Tillis. Now Phil Berger is at it again. He refuses to allow Constitutional Carry to be voted on right now in the NC Senate. If you think Republicans will save your gun rights, you're sorely mistaken. The same Rethuglican who vote to force you to buy a product (health care), which is, as Wolf's Head said; a commodity, are the same dolts who will vote away your 2nd Amendment Rights. One and the same.

The last election obviously didn't mean much to establishment Rethuglicans. They STILL don't get it!!!!! They keep voting to keep themselves in power. They keep voting to deny power to the proletariat where it belongs. They are no different than Democrats.

The Watauga County establishment RINOs used to post on here until we outed them. I think many of them have turned into full fledged Democrats (no big loss). Folks, the deck is stacked against you. Too many apathetic zombie like dolts living here in the U.S. to hold their feet to the fire.

What is wrong with CNN? Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are Rachel Maddow's best friend and she's too stupid to realize it. They are all after the same thing - control over YOU.

USS Rodger Young

Justin Barslow

USS Rodger Young said...

The Health Care bill brought to us by RINOs is a pure sell out. They talked mighty tough when not in power and then cave to minority democraps when they're not!!! Anyone find this a bit strange. The ole friend stabbing you in the back - Repuplican style. Reminds me of George Bush Jr giving us laws (secretly made and voted on) that force us to use gas caps on gas cans that don't work. Reminds me of George Bush Senior who quit the NRA and turned on gun owners with a ban on foreign imports of assault weapons (he caved to a minority too. Reminds me of Ronald Reagen when he made it illegal to carry weapons into a National Park (who was the idiot trying to please). Rinos are part and parcel the problem. No difference between a RINO and a dumpocrat - same thing

Conservatives need to band together and vote out RINOs in the midterms. I was at the Wellness Center the other day and heard a couple Rethuglicans saying how things had turned around in this country. Not sure where folks are getting off saying Rethuclicans are turning anything around while trying to pass a health care bill that enslaves instead of frees.