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Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Devil Made Me Do It

   A fellow related overhearing the devil bragging about what he, the devil, was doing to America.   Commenting on all the inane explanations of the poisoned political climate, the devil laughingly said “they never mention my influence because no one believes I exist.  But those who do know, recognize my  modi operandi.”

“My first MO is I take someone who is going to misbehave and then nudge them over the edge.  My second MO, is I have the ability to befuddle people’s minds.”

The devil gave a few illustrations of pushing someone over the edge.
 “Watch Johnny Depp’s face as he apologized for calling for the assassination of your president .  His expression said, “ I thought I was going to make a joke, so where the hell did what I said come from?” And Stephen Colbert, meaning to insult the president, made a homophobic comment instead.  You could almost hear him thinking  “What the hell did I just say?”  And the audiences who applaud, including the assassination in the Broadway play, have to go home and wonder “why did I do that?  Normal people don’t do things like that.”

 “It’s me, the devil said.”

 There is the bloody head of Trump–the actress who wants to blow up the White House–the democrat who enjoyed the Congressman having his guts all splattered around inside–crazy things like the man who said Trump wasn’t fair saying he had tapes, because then Comey had to tell the truth.  People in the media losing their jobs because they go over the edge on camera, and polls revealing the media committing suicide while seemingly not even caring.

“That’s me, the devil bragged.”

Then there is the democrat party which seems totally befuddled about who they are. And their congress members who came to Washington to do something, just sitting around, lost. “ I’m muddling their brains.” “They don’t even know why they are losing.”

“Why am I doing this?  Those in the know, know that I am in a battle with the other God for territory  I was gaining on Him when the president handed over the country to me by declaring “‘America is no longer a Christian nation’.”

“Then it all went south for me when you people elected Trump.  All that Jesus talk during his inauguration.  I knew I was in trouble.  It put me in a rage.  I won’t stop until I hear them say again America is a no longer a Christian nation.”


Sarkazein said...

This may be the devil's Left hand. This story from the NY Post and linked on Drudge (headline) makes perfect sense, unlike the intelligence story circulating around before the election.


Sarkazein said...

Kathy Griffin's actions only make sense as a supernatural act. The look on her face is as if she is zombie like. Her mindset to think it ok only makes sense if she was overcome by an evil spirit. Nothing else makes sense to me.
The Democrat leadership not speaking against violence and riots and calls for violence against Trump and family is explained better by the supernatural than it is by excuses and perceived reasons.

Blogger said...

Thanks Sark. And JR between your applying the Kubler-Ross Stages of Grief and my posting the devil’s braggadocio explanations for the toxic atmosphere of politics, I believe readers of our blog have a richer template through which to make sense. The talking heads are clueless.