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Friday, July 14, 2017

Gingrich on Trump

  By Dick Morris on July 10, 2017.
  Understanding Trump: A Review Of  Gingrich's new book.
Newt Gingrich understands Trump.  He explains Donald by contrasting him with other types of people with whom we are familiar in public life.

Trump is from New York, but he is from the working class borough of Queens.  He grew up in a 2,000-square foot modest home, not a mansion.
 He came to Manhattan as so many have — a blue collar boy looking to move up.

He is an entrepreneur not an academic.  Trump is not interested in theory. If it works, do it. If not, junk it.

He is a builder, not a financier.  Financier, like Romney stay in air conditioned offices and play with computer models and spread sheets. Builders  get their hands dirty on job sites.

He is a pragmatist, not an ideologue. Newt argues that he is more of an anti-liberal who spurns ideological solutions that don’t accomplish anything. And he is anti-stupid. such as those who bring to our shores people who want to kill us.

He is first of all a father.  Donald has built an empire, but he has first raised a great family.

Trump doesn’t just understand the media, he masters it.  “Trump gets it that honesty is what people want more than anything else. By letting it all hang out in his tweets, Donald puts his views on the line. Nobody can accuse him of posturing or posing. Even the warts he reveals go to demonstrate his authenticity.”

He dreams big and achieves big.  Donald Trump, Newt says, is the first person to be elected president without some public office or military rank in his background. And, he predicts, Donald may  become one of our greatest presidents.


Blogger said...

Among other people besides Gingrich that really get Trump, include Sean Hannity, Mike Huckabee , Laura Ingraham, Blogger, and all the leading Evangelical leaders in the country.

Anonymous said...


I think the people you mentioned share a similar lack of ethics and lack of character.