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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

When the Left Gets Everything Backwards

To those who have my back on this blog, my thanks.  I am especially grateful because our resident troll takes everything I write about my spirituality and turns it bass ackwards.  However, early on in my 50 years of ministry I learned to follow what St. Paul wrote to Timothy: “Remind the people of these facts, and solemnly charge them in the presence of God to avoid petty controversy over words, which does no good, and [upsets and undermines and] ruins [the faith of] those who listen.”  (2 Tim 2:14 AMP)

Some, like Billy Graham,
have what we call “an anointing for evangelism.”  People hear him gladly.  But some of us, and I am one of them, create backlashes.  So, what I have learned the hard way, when encountered, only say exactly what God tells me to say and  exactly when to say it.

Speaking of turning things upside down, recently a growing number of Christian leaders are describing a particular spirit that has entered our political discourse.  The Scripture describes a spirit of Leviathan.  It has crocodilian like characteristics because, like the crocodile, it takes hold of its prey and rolls it over and over until it destroys it.  That is why I posted  pictures of the Swamp with crocodiles in it.


Blogger said...

Watch the spirit of Leviathan working on poor Donald Trump Jr.

Reader said...

Blogger, I think you do quite well. What's are planting the seed...or watering it. We never know which one we may be doing.

You know, either party would have been interested in dirt on the other? Good grief people, get a grip. They are all dirty rags.

Anonymous said...


My reminders to you that America is not a Theocracy and your personal religious beliefs are not a political argument or justification of cruel Conservative political public policy that attempts to deny freedom and liberty to fellow citizens. You cannot expect to justify your support of attacking America's social safety net, funding cuts to public schools, low wages and huge tax cuts for the rich using you strong religious beliefs and not get called out for you hypocrite. You have a responsibility to post factual information from professional vetted sources of information, you choose not to.
Human Rights and justice seem to be of little concern for you.

guy faulkes said...

Goofus,focus. One's religious beliefs are certainly a political argument. Nothing says they cannot be. This is why your support of Sharia law is so hard to fight.

One cannot create an official religion, but it is impossible not to consider religious beliefs when engaging in politics. This is true even if you are an atheist. Believing there is no God is a religious belief.

Your La, La, La, La, La repetitive drivel is becoming boring again, Goofus. Change the record to another of your canned topics so you can be spanked on a different subject.

USS Rodger Young said...

Faulks just hammered noneymouse coward (goofus)again. Good one. Hat tip.