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Monday, August 13, 2018

Libs Hate Those Who Do Things Right

Ninfa Laurenzo known to all as Mama Ninfa was a Houston Restaurateur. I was with a group of 8 business associates in one of her restaurants in the Eighties. We, and most everyone in Houston, had eaten there often. She walked over to our table to ask if everything is good, we all stood up  to show respect before she had a chance to ask. She and most of the restaurant laughed and many applauded the spontaneous tribute. She stayed and talked with us. Born and raised on the Texas side of the Mexican border, she was not from wealth. Her father was a farmer with a small patch of land.
Her grandson continues the legacy with restaurants named El Tiempo. Excellent TexMex food. AG Jeff Sessions came in the other day to eat in El Tiempo. The Grandson posed with Sessions in a picture. They posted it on their social media. They now have to shut down all their social media because of death threats to the Grandson, his family, and his employees. Panti-fa like individuals picket the front of his restaurants. I'll be eating there tomorrow. So there is the Left, attacking a Mexican American family who has great success in a very hard business where 12 hour days are the short days. Mama Ninfa was a widow with children while running her small business. The Leftist Panti-fa attacks.


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