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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Email to Sen. Tillis on Coming Kavaanaugh Hearing

Senator Tillis, I am Board Certified Psychologist. Following are some professional thoughts about the coming Monday meeting.

If you have not already seen this, please do so before the hearing:
Wrong Memories

Additional thoughts:

If this is a case of mistaken identity, her faulty belief would of course pass a lie detector test and still not be lying.

More thoughts:

From what I read, I can’t tell if she is claiming the "Repressed Memory Syndrome."

However, to quote the American Psychological Association, there is "little or no empirical support" for the concept of repressed or dissociated memories of sexual abuse. People who were sexually abused as children usually do remember some or all of the event, although they may not talk about it or see it clearly.

See: https:/Repressed memories/

I don’t envy you. A great man’s life resides in your hands. Unless someone comes forward and says something like there never was a party or something similar, it is "he said" ‘she said". But on the one side you have a man with impeccable credentials which you know a great deal about. On the other hand you have a known anti-Trump person. I have seen pictures claiming to be of Dr. Ford carrying a HE IS NOT MY PRESIDENT SIGN–another with a pussy hat on in a march against Trump. I hope there is more of these that come out. I don’t have to tell you that there are people on the left who have no shame and will do anything to hurt Trump.


Blogger said...

Maybe Tills won’t need this after all. Apparently she is a no show.

Johnny Rico said...

Let's see if Tillis is going to be as good as he was during the initial hearings. My bet is he's missing in action.

Johnny Rico said...

Still haven't heard anything from Tillis. Now that it's in non-safe territory, he folds like he did against gun owners who spent a year getting a pro-gun bill to him while he was in the NC Senate. Tillis is about as worthless as the Kavanaugh accuser, but not as committed in his cause as she is. I respect the lying Kavanaugh accuser much more than I do tillis (notice lower case) who turncoats on his own supporters. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama is claiming Kavanaugh once grabbed her penis.