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Thursday, February 21, 2019


I never liked the No-Knock warrants. Now the raid in Houston where four police officers were shot (not killed) are involved in a warrant gone wrong. The officer who obtained the warrant is still in the hospital and cannot speak. He has been relieved of duty. Two citizens are dead. The area was a Shiela Jackass Lee high crime area. The two homeowners might have thought it was a home invasion. The police shot the dog first. Waco? A small amount of coke and weed (personal use) were found. The police chief is a Democrat and has already thrown his detective under the bus. The chief is looking to be Los Angeles's police chief next. The FBI is investigating and the chief is looking out for his own future.
Even though the detective who lied on the warrant is Black and the two dead homeowners are White, there has been no looting or rioting in the streets of Houston.   READ LINK HERE


Wolf's Head said...

No knock warrants, traffic checkpoints, anonymous tips.

Sound familiar? It's like every third world dictatorship or communist/socialist government.

It's part of that creeping socialism that blogger didn't notice until recently

Johnny Rico said...

If these people are so dangerous as to need a no knock warrant, then why not wait until they leave the house to go somewhere and arrest them while in their vehicle or on the way to it?

Jesse Sinclair

Sarkazein said...

Houston, and perhaps other cities have a problem with home invasion crime. Some invaders holler "police" as they are breaking into your castle. My reflex is to defend my castle. I defend my castle with whichever firearm I am closest. In a criminal home invasion there is no time to check the invader's credentials. You break down my door and I will assume you are a criminal invader because there is no time for anything else. It is the same if I am at a hotel. If you break down my door and shoot my dog, it's war until I am sure you are not a criminal and then it is too late. The no-knock started as a way to keep dopers from flushing the dope down the toilet. Now it is used for everything else. Even the kick and then knock down the door is wrong unless there are very extenuating circumstances like a felony (some) in progress.

Like JR 8:50 PM wrote- 80+ lives would have been saved at WACO if the ATF had the sheriff handle it. The sheriff knew David Koresh (sp) jogged everyday off the property.

Johnny Rico said...

Funny how liberals seem to have no problem with no knock warrants. They NEVER comment on them. Perhaps they realize this is a facet of the totalitarianism they so desire, thus it's ok with them. Typical hypocrites.